• Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) posted an update in the location Location logo of Vietnow RadioVietnow Radio 1 month, 1 week ago

    Hello, people of Hellifyno. Zoey Tompkins here. What you’ve heard is correct. Krieger has been shot dead, and to put it simply, Olde Watch now has a general hatred for magical users- well, has had one, so much so that they’ve gone out of their way to disable some of ours, mine included- not that’ll last for long– and the man responsible, while we don’t know his name, we know he has his own radical ideals behind his actions.

    If this man is listening- and I hope you are- by doing this, you’ve just made yourself the very reason that Hellifyno might enter another war. As of such, you better watch your back.. Cause moment I get my abilities back, I’ll be coming for you. You’ve put the lives of more citizens of Hellifyno at risk. You’ll be given the very punishment you deserve.

    Olde Watch, if my transmissions are still getting to you, Which I doubt they are, considering.. Know that the man responsible is not at all our fault. He acted on his own accord, and took the cowards way out by leaving us to take the blame. Take what you will from this, but please don’t blame the lot of us for one man’s actions.

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