Toralai Darkwisp


~Profile is under construction.~

*powers include*

Soul Summoning

Undead Summoning

Death Inducement

Death Sense

Life-Force Absorption


Pain Inducement

Pain Suppression




Spell Casting

Spirit Magic

Soul Absorption



Who Am I...

A member of the Grimwulf family

Romantic Interests

Men and Women

Relationship Status

Single, open for discussion.

My Story Is...

Stories can be manipulated. They can be twisted and marred until no longer they are the true story, but instead a version so dark and wrong it corrupts more than it entertains. But for Toralai? Her story is one of deception and rage, a suffocating darkness and primal hunger for blood and loss. The small details of Toralai’s story are not important, the only important thing you should remember is her death. She died, because she opened up something she was not supposed to, she tampered with ancient power not meant to be tampered with, and as a result… Toralai was turned into what she is now. A necromancer, one who draws her power from her own soulless being, and yet studies the arcane arts by way of the tattoos she adorns. Black tattoos that have been burned all over her body, tattoos that still continue to be burned to her very essence, allowing her to study and practice the magic she so adores.

My Appearance

Tattoos and their abilities

Upper back^ allows her the ability to change her form into a dragon

Her chest, over her breasts^ allows her the ability to heal others

Her left leg, from her thigh to her toe tip^ allows her silkspeak

Left arm from wrist to elbow^ allows her the ability to manipulate moonlight

Lower back^ allows clairvoiyancy

Right thigh^ allows her the ability to call on earthen magic