/ alias :  zylor

/ age :  unknown

/ former professions :  body guard, espionage, demolition, SOLDIER


/ former aliases :  holy, deacon miller, mr. light, signet, maleficus


/ romantic status :  …is she gone?


/ species :  unknown

/ height :  six foot one

/ weight :  215lbs

/ eyes :  storm gray, magnified

/ hair :  brown, kept short


attire :  civi’s: old faded blue jeans, leather belt, an old gray t-shirt, leather jacket, and reinforced heel SWAT boots. on duty: black tactical kevlar microwoven cargo pants, black tactical kevlar microwoven turtle neck, black multifuction utility belt, tactical vest, armadillo spinal protector, and reinforced heel SWAT boots


armory :  “old faithful” colt 1911 [sidearm], “old glory” MP5 [primary], “bitch-be-good stick” collapsible electric buton, 5 flash grenades, 5 incendiary grenades, 5 fragmentation grenades, 5 concussion grenades

To be concluded.