Zyxrn The Psycho

Intro Video


Be careful where you tread, for when in the shadows you step, the darkness you will dread, and madness is on your doorstep. It will consume and devour, your soul will be mine, like a blood stained flower, you’re running out of time.

Who Am I...

Zyxrn, Zyx, Zy, call me whatever you wish.

Romantic Interests

I've been known to drive the ladies… mad.

My Story Is...

Zyxrn, the original Lord of Nightmares and Insanity. Created when the first human lost their mind to the internal darkness, giving birth to Zyx. Once he was given life, Zyx had wasted no time in consuming the rest of the human’s mind and possessing it, thus giving him full control over the body. He managed to retain that form for almost four thousand years before a group of magical clerics trapped him inside of a cavern and exorcised him from the body he had retained, causing it to disappear into ash as the age caught up with the body instantly. The clerics sealed him inside of the cavern, and the seal would not be broken until another five thousand years later, when the last cleric’s bloodline died out, ending his isolation and containment. Taking advantage of his freedom, Zyxrn wasted no time in acquiring a new body from a man in an isolation ward for his insane ramblings of a winged sea creature that would end the world should he wake. Zyx knew of this creature and was great friends with him, to know that his friend was asleep and well was a relief. So was driving everyone in the hospital bat shit crazy as he left. Approach him…. if you dare.

My Appearance

In Human Form: Six foot 11, Black hair, Violet eyes, muscular body, a black beard and a devilish grin.
In Demon Form: An mass of shadows too opaque to see through, with glowing violet eyes and menacingly sharp teeth that drip nightmares.


Nightmares. An Infinite amount of nightmares just waiting to be released upon the world.

My Secrets Are...

I have none! Secrets are for mortals, and it’s oh so fun to watch secrets tear mortals apart from each other.

I Believe...

Torture is so much fun…. on both ends.