Faltering Bright has been defeated and imprisoned in the True Web, but at the cost of freeing the Abominations, creatures from the beginning of time that seek to subvert reality in every form. They have shifted much of Hellifyno into strange and distorted forms.

Blue Moon Sea Shack: What once was green and blooming, was now cold and sandy. The greenhouse had changed. The air heavy with salt and the new shack was elegant but drafty. Winter on the beach. And Sam just went back to work behind his bar.

Red Sun Library: There was no longer a tent… there was no longer a circus. Where the circus had been, was a library… with a very angry pumpkin headed librarian, glaring around at everyone as he shifted his attention between preparing drinks and sorting returned books.

Caves of Twine and Thyme: This is a realm beneath the island nation of Twine, and its sister island of Thyme, where the Abominations and those that wish to interact with them dwell. Beware, reality is least stable there.

Otherverse: This remains unchanged. Otherverse can be anything.

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