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Ranks and roles of player controlled characters within The Bloody Wings

Name Callsign (if applicable) Rank Role Duty Station Natik “doc” Health Guardian Angel Sergeant Major of The Army / E-10 Combat Medic/Commander N/A Alexandria Nash Captain / O-3 Combat Medic Patriot Delilah (N.M.I) (N.L.I) Sergeant / E-5 Special Forces Infantry N/A Kenzie Health Sergeant / E-5 Combat Medic N/A Biomass (N.M.I) (N.L.I) Corporal / E-4 Special Forces Infantry N/A Sixteen […]

Natik "Doc" Health + Fireteam November 17, 2020 January 10, 2021 Airforce, Army, Callsigns, Characters, Information, Jobs, Marines, Members, Military, Navy, Ranks, Roles, The Bloody Wings
How To Tactical Roleplay

Index 1 Basics 1-1 Unit Sizes 1-2 Weaponry 1-3 Cover 1-4 Armor 1-5 Situational Response 2 Advanced Unit Sizes and Unit Structure 2-1 Basic Unit Sizes 2-2 Unit Structure 2-3 Unit Terminology and Documentation Applying to Units as a Whole 2-4 Unit Types 2-5 Unit Types in Tandem 3 Weaponry & Equipment 3-1 Weaponry Basics 3-2 Equipment Basics 3-3 Weaponry […]

Natik "Doc" Health + Fireteam October 29, 2020 November 28, 2020 Air Force, Army, How To, Information, Marine Corps, Military, Navy, Need-to-Know, Tactics
United Worlds of the Universe – Details

The United Worlds of the Universe is an intergovernmental and a multi-worldwide organization that aims to maintain universal unity and security, develop friendly relations among different societies within different worlds, achieve universal cooperation, and be a center for harmonizing the actions of worlds. The UWU is to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace and unity, […]

Fire Xorel (+ Others) October 30, 2020 October 30, 2020 Information, StarForce, UWU
S.T.A.R.Force Alliance – Details

Details & Information Hello! Welcome to the Strategic Teams of Aligned Reinforcements Alliance – the StarForce Alliance! This establishment was founded on June 12th, 1939. The StarForce Alliance was made to form peace throughout the entire universe. And now our organization is made to unite people. Save people. Bring people together. Create unity, liberty and freedom. People have joined because they want to […]

Fire Xorel (+ Others) October 30, 2020 October 30, 2020 Information, StarForce

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