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Ranks and roles of player controlled characters within The Bloody Wings

Name Callsign (if applicable) Rank Role Duty Station Natik “doc” Health Guardian Angel General of The Army / O-10 Combat Medic/Commander Angel’s Nest Nacht BloodRose Major / O-4 Military Intelligence Officer/AEC Angel’s Nest Alexandria Nash Captain / O-3 Combat Medic Patriot Jonathan  Irving SilverFang DoubleWhiskey Captain / O-3 Conventional Infantry Lion Dean Winchester Wayward Son Captain/ O-3 Space fleet ship […]

Natik Health, CO of the bloody wings November 17, 2020 October 21, 2021 Airforce, Army, Callsigns, Characters, Information, Jobs, Marines, Members, Military, Navy, Ranks, Roles, The Bloody Wings

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