A Tale of The Beginning… The Dreamers

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In the beginning there were the Dreamers, and they Dreamed all of reality. Within that reality lived the First People, who were able to do and be anything. They lived without limits or restraints. However, in that complete freedom, there was no meaning, nothing mattered. And so they set about creating the rules of reality. The boundaries. This started first as vague networks, connections between stable points that slowly over time grew more complex until it formed what was called the True Web. This was the first emanation.

However, this too evolved, and from it flowed the concepts of space, time, and consequence. Gradually, the precepts that are fundamental to our understanding of existence developed and solidified, laying the groundwork for life, being, and truth.

And in this, more complex realities were born.

These first people were known as Twines, for they tied together reality with the threads of the Dreamers dreams.

But some of the Twines did not like this new world of restrictions. They strained against the boundaries that reality represented, and yearned to return to the place before, to a time when everything was free.

The first of these was named Kyo, sometimes known as The Breaker of Twine, though the ages would come to know him as the First Abomination. He sought to unmake reality, to destroy the many verses, and bring everything back to a state of infinite flux and change.
He was the first, but he was not alone, and over time, many new Abominations have risen to that cause.

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