A Tale of Twine – The Foundation of Portals; A Silly Story

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Estimated 830,000 BMA

“Have you ever really really had to relieve yourself? Well that’s what the city of Twine had to do, and it changed everything in the entire world.”
– Ar Grindall, History of Hellifyno, Fifth Century BMA

Twine was a city that was started by the first people, a people who were also called Twines because they had stitched reality itself together. At first it was a realm of pure wonder. But as time passed, and those first great, infinite peoples gave rise to lesser, more solid emanations of themselves, the realm grew less impressive and far more mundane. Infinite possibility slowly slid into truth and form, emanating as a beach washed island in the southeast of the seas that were becoming a mainstay of the planet Hellifyno.

There they had everything they wanted, except one thing. A way to get rid of everything they didn’t want. And the first thing they started having a problem getting rid of was, was their own waste.

Some see this as a metaphor. Others understand it as a process of emanations reduced down from pure possibility to biological form. Whatever the objective understanding, it was a physical mess, a hazard of gross and debilitating proportions. And being new to reality and the inherent problems it presented, they had no way to handle the situation.

“They say the lands were drowning in their own feces. Great waves of it ran down from the mountains. The streets they paved were rife with the muck of their own bodies waste. They were covered in fecund foulness, and the problem only grew worse, day by day.”
– Ar Grindall, History of Hellifyno, Fifth Century BMA

The people of Twine had invented reality, but they hadn’t thought to invent toilets.

At first it was a nuisance. Then it became a public problem. But as years passed, and more generations were born upon the land, it became a catastrophe that ruined the very luster of the lives they had woven.

“It is said that the Abominations weeped with laughter, as everything that had been wrought was slowly unwound by the very machinations of hubristic creation.”
– Ar Grindall, History of Hellifyno, Fifth Century BMA

The greatest minds of the peoples of Twine came together to try and find a way to handle this disaster. Incredible works of imagination were wrought, and failed. Many actually made the problem worse. They were masters of creation, but didn’t understand the reality, the creations, that they had made. And so, physical reality started to become a living torture, and many contemplated returning to the age before it had been founded.

Finally, after years, decades, perhaps centuries of this torture, one great mind came to the fore. We do not know who this was, their name is lost to even the secret histories of Twine. But their invention was one that saved the island, the people, and all of reality.

They invented portals.

Using the very nature of reality, the strands of truth and being and form that had wound around one another to form the many universes, they created a way to step instantly from one of those points to another. And through this, they found a way to dispose of all of their waste. The reality they had created was very vast, and their insight came in the form of separation. To place that which is undesirable in one place, and form paradise from the rest.

So that is what they did. And to this day, the island of Twine remains the mainstay of portals, a place where all of the many realities connect, and where the “good” can be separated from that which is not.

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