“And here in the night.”

~ The Art of Ore! ~’s Docs "Moving Forward..." “And here in the night.”

Charles had vanished from the tavern. It seems like he did the vanishing act often. Though having descended on the path outside, he had started the journey towards his shop. Pulling his robes tight over his figure, the man continued to walk. His boots gently squishing against the ground beneath. He looked up to see the moon staring down at him. Lighting his path with its beams of white. He hoped that everything was alright, though he still wasn’t sure. Brrr. It was cold! Charles had pulled his robes tighter over himself as he moved, scanning the trees for danger every-once-in-awhile. Not seeing any at the moment Charles would press forward, against the chilly wind of the night. It was slowly drawing to a close. He could no longer stop it, now he had to drop it. The past that haunted him. The feelings that daunted him, he could no longer fight them. Continuing to move forward. Charles sighed, again looking up at the moon, a whispered. “Thank you.” Was given to it, as he pressed forward. His thoughts slowly resting.
Charles continued to press forward, slowly making his way down the path. For some reason, he now felt apprehensive. The feeling was growing more immense by the second. He knew it wasn’t a good idea, but he began to run anyway. It was as if he couldn’t stop it. Though it seemed at the moment, he couldn’t control much anyway. In-fact he could only hope his friends were doing okay. He hoped things would fix themselves. Thoughts of his friends, mostly Bulvi and Nacht circled within his mind. Though Roax and Desiree were there too, so was Kalua. He smiled and hugged himself, the thoughts brought him warmth. They brought him the strength he needed to keep moving forward. Though for a few seconds he stopped in his tracks, and just hugged himself. Watching the memories fly by. 

He wasn’t stupid he was cautious. He continued to press forward. His friends, well… His family… Had given him the strength to do so and for that, he should thank them. Moving forward he scanned the trees repeatedly, before continuing to move down the moonlit path. The vast night sky with its sparkling stars laid out above him like mother nature’s canvas. He smiled at the thought of it. Looking down he saw the ground, trees, and plants. Mother nature’s garden stretching out in front of him and behind him. It suddenly gave him a sense of how small he was within the massive world. Continuing to move forward against the chilling winds and dreary darkness that surrounded him. Charles soon reached the door to his shop. Reaching into his robes and fumbling out the key, from its spot around his neck. Charles soon inserted the key into the lock and turned it. The door being unlocked with a “Click!” He smiled and pushed it open, walking inside and shutting it. Quietly locking it behind him, before returning the key to its place around his neck. Breathing in the air, he moved towards the stairs and quietly making his way up the stairs. He entered the main room, walking over and tending to the fireplace, before settling down in his armchair.
Sitting back and watching the flames flicker in front of him. It reminded him of each of his friends. Nacht with her fiery spirit. Bulvi with his warming presence. Roax with his outgoing and upbeat presence. Kalua and her childish playfulness. Micah with her untamed presence, and Desiree with her compassion and never-ending kindness towards her friends. Yes, they each had something special about them that made them, them. Well, in his mind it did. Charles wrapped himself in a hug as he watched the flames dance in tune to the beat of his own heart. He had to admit it, even if he couldn’t always be there. Just thinking about his friend made him feel safe.

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