Animus of Solishia

Solishia’s Docs Animus of Solishia

I. The Islands of Alumicas (Canines)

The Canines of Solishia


Lycaos – A howl echoes across the lands, a growl, then a snarl. There the wolf lurks in the midst, it is alert. It smells, it sees, it knows everything around it. The Lycaos is a race to be feared by those who harm their own at least, but no need to worry for they want to live in peace and harmony. A majority of the other animus view them as “demons’ or “wicked” things, but they are nothing but, only to be the protection that Gaia, the goddess of Earth, has chosen to do the task. Their first ancestors were the wolves who did their best to survive by storm, then the famine happens, finally, a drought caused an increased thirst that by the time it passed, not a lot of their wolf ancestors remained alive except a few who finally found peace in the mountains. The deceased wolves became speakers to the surviving wolves who then decided to allow them to be of two legs rather than four when the time came. Eventually, the surviving wolves found mates among themselves because the prophecy foretold that a leader will rule them all, give them a home, a family, then a forest that became their native homeland known as Carran emerged from the nether. Pine trees lined the forest floor, plenty of grass, wildlife to hunt down and kill for food, clothing, along with other resources because once the Lycaos becomes a homid, they will not know about covering themselves right away for it is natural. The Lycaos increased, more of them spread out into different sections of Carran forming packs, these packs will bring forth new brood and their women will teach them survival, growth, how to hunt, as well as other means to the wolf lifestyle while females were the nurtures, the one’s who cared for the young while understanding how to be a lady when the time came for her to be prepared for a mate in her life if her attributes are greater then will she increase the power of her people, enhancing the power base of not just her town, the islands, but also the race itself. Lycaos males when they reach two years of age in wolf years can leave his pack (if he chooses) seeking to create a pack within the town of Carran or become the Emperor of Carran leading all wolves along with the town itself. When the town’s leaders do not have sons, but only daughters, then, shall she become the next in line to the Carran throne as Empress. Lycaos in homid appear as urchins, sometimes as a caveman-like appearance to a woodcutter, maybe somebody who only wishes to be left alone doing his own thing.

The Lycaos can smell incredibly well, see, as well as hear sounds from where he or she stands. They can tell where the scent was the day before so can track it back to its owner.

Lycaos mate for life, once the male seeks out his female, there is a chance she may agree to be his mate, some of them he would have to work to obtain her. During the mating season for the wolves, the estrogen levels of unmated females increase meaning, the male Lycaos may seek her out to be his, no matter what she says or does for he will tame her any way he is able. During this time, should a woman Lycaos not be ready to seek out a mate, she can seek shelter at the local Carran Monastery and ask for their town’s Lycaos Clergy. They may also seek out a close ally or companion to stay with if they let them until it is all over. Once the Lycaos mate, they are bound to one another.




Lycan – An anthropomorphic wolf standing two legs rather than four, a humanoid wolf.

Wolfman – Partial wolf


Hometown: Carran



Rayani – A race of fox-like people with a cunning and sheer beauty about them. They know they look good, so why not use it to their advantage when it’s a necessary tool to fool those who observe from afar. The Vixens, females, preen themselves daily to ensure they do not go out dressing properly while males use their charm to get exactly what they want with just a talk, a wink, the seduction ability has a lot of points when everything else is not available to you. The Rayani’s home is not too far from the Lycaos and is particularly to the west of Carran, about 15 miles from the wolf town. Lycaos actually hate them with a passion because they come to steal food for other valuable goods. Thieves are seldomly welcome among most of the Animus so the fox folk just do not get decent amounts of respect from the locals or anywhere else making them prone to being approached by a dark Animus at any time who’ll offer them a deal if the task is completed, most just cannot say no. It is rare for most Rayani to be loving of heart and soul cause it is in their nature to create…mischief. A Rayani’s main purpose is deception, the whole job description is aligned with what they do for a living. The lure technique is often one of their most strategies where using their when in fox modes, this is another seductive skill by making it appear they are innocent when the Rayani really is doing is playing their target by doing..nothing. As long the target does not look upon them for very long or they are in love with another then they are safe from falling victim to a scheme. The Rayani don’t often bother anyone unless things do down hill for them or desperation calls for the fox folk to act.


Fox – Animal

Homid – Looks more like seductive human-like features. Some are timid to innocent-looking to a cute and cunning form or the seductive variety who can get away with so much.

Vulpine – Anthro Fox

Fox-girl/boy- Fox-like ears, tail, and homid form mixed together. Neko fox.


Hometown: Tiran, a wooded area that is secluded and very quiet, it’s one of those places that can give you claustrophobia. The Rayani finds this to their liking as visitors come through, better to check your supplies to see if it is still on you if you make it a habit to visit these guys often enough.


Malamutt -The dog. Man’s Best friend. In this world on the Solishia Islands tells a whole new tale of the canine kind and on the Canine Isles their fuzzy, sweet, adorable, to your average puppy pile. Each dog rather big or small they populate the southeastern region where they make their homes in an abandoned city that has somehow seen better days. There are trashcans, dark alleys, rundown buildings, and cobblestone streets. These canines only wish to be left in their own devices with no one but themselves to care for, but of course, there is always a bad dog that loves to rumble with any decent, kind-hearted dog who lives in the northern city of their home while the western and east have dog Animus that is just bad news to speak upon. And, what’s worse, they even terrorize Animus who does not share their dog-like characteristics. Dog Animus is referred to as the Malamutts. Malamutts were dogs whose ancestors knew what man looked like eons ago and was bound to humanity so it is at this time in their lives when the thought hasn’t crossed their minds that perhaps they have questioned to themselves if this is what their ancestors call “Man” when they enter such stages of two-legged mammal with skin that allows them to access the buildings. They have gone to all the trouble rebuilding such foundation that their ancestors gave the place a name, the City of Magania and it looks for the next in line to lead all the dogs regardless of alignment because every dog Animus needs to be put in their place or else, they will bite at each other’s throats by the days end. The Malamutts never enter territories of the wild canines for fear of being eaten alive or killed along the way. Dog groups are called “Kennels” a group of dogs together where their leader is usually male known as the Alpha Dog while his chosen female is his Bitch, but the Alpha Dog can lay with more Bitches than his main Bitch, his Alpha Bitch or Lady Hound who makes certain that the females are reminded that the Alpha Dog she is mated to will always be in his sight always even while he claims multiple Bitches who agrees to be his if he considers going the route of Polygamy. It is rare to find a Malamutt male whose willing to settle for just one Bitch. After all, being a dog does have it’s moments when you cannot have just one.


Dog – Their first form during birth.

Homid – In this mode, they can move on two legs rather than fours with no fur or tail. They can do things in a way that their beast mode cannot, such as open doors or build things, pretty much a lot of things.

Dogman – In this form, they are anthropomorphic dogs.

Dog-girl/boy – Half dog, part homid

Hometown- City of Magania

II. Islands of Osarina (Avian)

The Aves of Solishia


Cobaca – The name says it all. They began as nothing more than birds in a coop and the farmlands they were raised in was once where the Equines now stood for it was all farmland before the islands shifted. Cobaca are basically chickens who may not be able to do much in combat, but they can raise hell when something frightens or alarms them. While their not able to fly as much as the rest of those on the island that resides in the higher mountain ranges. The levels of these mountains range based on the fowl type making it easier to navigate. For the Cobaca, living on the beach of Osarina to the southernmost island where the sea crashes upon the shore, the beach houses is theirs to call a haven for a roof over their heads and some grub to chow down. A male Cobaca leads the race, should a female become his mate, she remains loyal to him, but she does not share the power of ruling at his side as most Animus do. All females are the hens, each division on the beach is known as Coops. Starting out as a chicken in the past before developing the homid gave meaning to go places they couldn’t, since their poor fliers at that. A Cobacas beach house resembles actual chicken coops! Except, it’s exotic, more like a Witch Doctor house than a coop when stepping inside. In the center of the beach sits some green stem plants clashing together to create fire dancing above them as if, actual voodoo is prepared here, who knows exactly what goes on around here? Because the Cobaca are on the level of prey creatures, the best they can do is stay out of harm’s way and if danger does lurk, it is the Cobaca leader called Roost who decides the best course of action. Cobaca can shift to a chicken or avian form, to half-chicken mode if the power levels are high enough. While they cannot do much, that doesn’t mean they can’t improvise when things go completely sour, the idea is that, the task that is greater can be in their favor to prevent many losses when predators arise or other disasters strike.  The chicken form is usually meant to divert attention, while in avian mode, the males looks just as menacing than their ladies who appear more docile and innocent, but she can be feisty along with being quite the prima donna when she wants to be.



Avian – Humanoid chicken on two legs with the body and head that is bird-like, covered most in feathers.

Craven – Partial chicken mode.

Hometown: Accamos, a beach front.



Melosa – A beautiful song, a harmony that reaches everyone’s ears when they listen to it. Melosa is anything but a danger to anybody and only wants to be left in peace. They reside in the lower mountains of Osarina. They can fly, very well in fact, but the best fliers are all the way at the very top of the summit so can visit them anytime they like by hovering above. In the lower mountains are many holes, each hole is the domain of the songbirds whose plumes come in an array of colors based on how they are born. Each Melosa has a melody that varies from one to the other. Young chicks have a long ways to go to get their voice box correct to make the music appealing to their audience. The flock they come from depends on what kind of voice they carry when they get older. Melosa’s song can also be like a spell, it seems to be able to change into such when the Melosa sings more often does her tone become hypnotic. They can only have one song that can shift into a melody of sleep, one can have a melody of confusion, puzzlement, or whatever. It requires their power levels is high enough before a Melosa can carry such special notes and only if she doesn’t accidentally affect her fellow flock or the other fowl races who can hear it because the sound echoes to the point, it can increase in range. The music does not reach too far and that makes it difficult to affect a target out of range of the melody he or she sings so well. Eggs are laid when a female Melosa mate with her chosen male Melosa, one or a chosen flock can take turns sitting on the eggs in the nests to hatch. Baby chicks voice box has not fully developed enough for them to sing, but it will when the chick listens to their mother or father, it takes great influence for the chick to be able to copy the song then sing it him/herself as they get older. When in homid, they are unable to fly unless they switch to birds or other modes.




Avian – Anthro songbird form

Partial Bird – Head and lower parts of a bird, can extend wings to fly in this mode, looks like birdman except not fully shifted into their bird form.

Hometown: They live in the mountains of Osarina, the lower level and there is a lot of holes drilled into it. Inside are hallways, rooms, it’s confusing if you’re just a visitor. Melosa won’t necessarily harm you as long you pose no danger or threat. If so, many of them may swoop around the invader in bird forms, sometimes calling the other fowls for assistance who may not be of their kind, but they are protected by the other fowls who might have talons higher in the summit.



III. Islands of Mulio(Myths & Legends)

The Legends of Solishia


Drakken – To the far southwest of Mulio Isles is a bunch of craters and tons of mountains, cliffs, the surface is mostly gravel and the Drake race accumulates this side of the Island. Their skin in homid is a bit rough when one comes into contact with it, their flesh reflects their scaly nature beneath the surface. They are dragons and proud of their heritage. To have mighty wings, the features that make them is what gives them a purpose. The Drake is known for a lot of pride, lots of it, they hate to lose to anyone especially their own kind when it comes to dueling for practice or as a way to a win a lady Drakken’s heart, neither actually fight to the death unless it comes to that which, none hopes it does. Drakken is born to breathe breath, a common racial ability for all Drakken once they reach about age 7 years in dragon years as hatchling and dragon breath varies from clan to clan. Not all of them breathe fire, it depends on the clan they were born in. In one clan, a dragon born of the blaze clan are bright red, they breathe burning hot flames while the forest clan breathes a greenish mist with leaves surrounding it, when it hits a target, not only does it cause damage, it may also snare them in vines that are strong enough to prevent escape. Drakken are nobleman and live in a Monarchy of some kind, their leader is the Dragon King who can choose his dragon mistress among the clan if she is worthy of his heart and love that is not always that simple. When the Drakken royal family have children, the children are heirs to the throne! If any daughters are born to this union it may come to an agreement among clans by arranging marriage among their daughters when she reaches a certain age in her life. This is one of those political powers that come with being a dragon, for the lady Drakken, it’s never easy, not one bit. If any are not mated, they are automatically either maids, servants, to among other things that the King might arrange for them until a male Drakken comes along who may view his ladies worthy of his hand. Any Drakken not born of the royal family, they have no qualm, doing what they wish in the village. Young Drakken is called hatchlings. Drakken eggs are protected by either the mother, the father, close family members, or trusted clan members who will watch over them while the parents are not able or just cannot at the time. When a young dragon hatches, they are given all the attention, during their years, the hatchlings begin to observe their parents, studying them, learning as they get older. They’re unable to fly and usually learn eventually by watching other Drakkens in dragon mode fly, if not the parents to give them lessons on the dragon lifestyle.



Drake – Half Dragon form, partial dragon mode. Experienced Drakken can enter this stage.


Hometown: Laouea


IV. Islands of Tupicu (Felines)

The Felidae of Solishia


Sheba – Meow! A lick of one paw, the seductive sway of the hips and sophisticated on top of that. Being a cat gives them a range of styles, techniques, and abilities. Their ancestors were once acknowledged as superior, a deity, but sooner or later their people lost followers who no longer saw them as a god/ess. The first cats relocated to a secluded area that will later become their island that suddenly emerged from a tsunami that took so much, but left a bit of surprise for the domestic felines. Their ancestors would then be the last survivors of the tragedy that took most of their lives and will stay down in a cave close by. They later mated to increase the Sheba bloodline, giving birth to a line of house cats from a gray to orange, even a black and white one’s. Eventually, the cat clans would surface forming many, each one has an alignment, characteristics, to other benefits. The Sheba is known to get what they want, especially if it means using every trick in the book to obtain it. Once they find what they like, they will scent mark it such as their favorite spot, an object, including a possible mate in their sights. Sheba has enhanced reflexes either in homid or cat forms, high jump, super speed, enhanced senses such as smell and hearing, can see in low light, pounce, leap over most obstacles, enhanced agility, along with climbing skill that allows scaling surfaces such as trees and they can balance even on a beam without falling off of it. Sheba needs the touch of other Sheba, the connection of their clan or another cat is important to them, to be so far away from the touch of a fellow feline is like a desolation for them.

Hometown: Bathiza Ruins, the Ruins is smack dead in Central Tupicu, the structure was once a city, but was destroyed by raging flames due to a lightning storm. It is said, that the first felines use this as a breeding grown to increase their bloodline.



Katta – Anthro cat-like humanoid

Kit – Cat girl/cat boy form, half cat and half homid. Neko-like.



V. The Islands of Wassau (Equine)

The Equines of Solishia


Capra- The Capra are goats living on the Islands of Wassau, home of all equine who loves the freedom of their lands. There are open fields, rolling hills, the farmlands all over that give the equine that open world to be themselves. A Capras horn is a symbol of their age and health, they take good care of it in fact by rubbing it on the bark. Male Capras protect their females to the point, the thought of even looking at her wrong is surely going to give him something to use as target practice, the males have a low temper to say the list as their overly protective along with the fact, they don’t like strangers, neither do the females so will stay out of range of non-goat members unless they prove to be of no harm. You cannot fool a Capra, they can see past deceit in seconds so they are less gullible than other Animus species and some keep a close eye on sections of their territory. Even predators who aren’t skilled in the art of hunting may not be in one piece so it is a good idea knowing how to get a piece of goat meat or milk, that is, if you can manage that without spooking them. Another thing is that they have a unique form similar to the fish people. Capra can trigger the goattaur mode, a half-human with the lower half of a goat, this will only trigger based on the care of horns along with how long they have survived by predators.






Hometown: In the southwest is farmland, there is a large pasture and inside, the Capra makes their home there. This farmland is called Olimak.



Cavallo – Galloping across the fields, jumping over a fence, their fast, so fast, they look like a blur before your eyes. Meet the Cavallo. The wind in their hair, the freedom they find appealing to who they are. The hooves beneath their feet touching the ground as they move. The leader of the Cavallo herd is the Stallion, most of the time, for a Mare to lead requires she is the daughter of the leader to be acknowledged for a female to be their leader. They live on the farmland areas to the southwest known as the Caravu. Welcome to the Cavallo’s very own Corral, except, it’s got tons of luscious grass for the horse people to use it as a dish or ingredient. Clean grass is the most important to them, but when it is not healthy to eat nor taste, they will make sure there is a fresh lawn for all of the Cavallo. In homid, they resemble southerners and westerners, got to look the part in order to reflect their inner horse forms. If you look closely, their hair has a similar appearance as their mane when they shift between forms so it isn’t hard to detect a horse if you got good observatory skills. Because of the fact, the Cavallo is on the bottom of the food chain for predators, they must learn to survive in their young age as young colts and fillies. In order to raise speed, they will usually shift into horse mode to run daily as good exercise too. They have unique abilities such as they can see from all angles, horses have a special vision on both sides of their heads to keep the danger in their sights. This heightens the Cavallo’s survival rating. The Cavallo race keeps the grass protected from other herbivores, especially the Babina, the rabbits, along with other equines who might see an opportunity. It had been a problem for their ancestors a long time ago when food was scarce, the grass wasn’t plentiful so their ancestors starved to death, dying. Luckily, few learned to relocate so that there was a bunch of grasses that range from beige to fresh green ones. Some Cavallo has a favorite type of grass or hay they love. A store in the country town where they live has a store of all kinds of grasses from hay, barley, you name it, they got it. Also, the Cavallo will sometimes eat carrots or other vegetables so agriculture is very big and good soil grows various kinds. They also love sweet stuff such as sugar canes or cubes. It boosts their energy levels. The Cavallo can enter the Centaur stage if showing they are indeed more horse by proving it to their ancestors who are the ones to give them this unique form.




Horseman – Anthro horse, bipedal horse

Centaur – The more steed they are, the better chances of the Centaur mode.

Hometown: Not far from the Capras, they live on another farmland called, Caravu. It’s opened plantation. Plenty of room to walk and run around in.



Rainal – Peering in the distance, watching, and surveying the land around them. The Rainal are reindeers! Majestic as they are at peace with themselves long there are no predators in their area. Males are the ones who carry their antlers with sheer pride, females do not have any, but it does not stop her from using other tools for defensive purposes. Males often display dominance over the other males by locking horns to see who can overthrow the other, but sometimes, they are sparring with one another to practice when the time comes they will have to use their antlers they seem most proud of. Being proud of your tools is part of what it means to be Reindeer. Other deer than the Reindeer will understand, as the males are just as proud. As homid, the males appear athletic to muscular while the females look innocent, docile-looking, but can be underestimated real quickly and can make you recognize such a grave mistake. The males do protect their females even if they’re not mated to her. That’s because she is important to the bloodline of stronger reindeer among other reasons, her presents in the forest is ethereal and out of this world. They live in the hills known as Helyshii.




Bipedal Reindeer – Anthropomorphic Reindeer

Partial Reindeer

Taurian Reindeer – It will trigger when the Rainal survives a long time, survival ratio is very important.


VI. Islands of Celushin (Legmorph)

The Legamorphs of Solishia


Babina – They come in dozens, their kind breeds rapidly and fast, making them a haphazard to every Animus on the other islands, but it is not that they are threatening to them when it comes to harm or physically, but the thought of the vegetation that is an abundance to the wildlife that eats it to survive. The Babina resides in the underground tunnels of the eastern region of Celushin and the tunnels twists, turns, causing confusion to anyone who dares enter uninvited. Only the best navigators like them can track their homes, their families, to other locations without getting lost using those long ears as well as strong olfactories to sense those around them even where they stand. In homid mode, they look like sprinters on a race track, some definitely have an athletic built to other features that screams, look at those calves! Whether in homid or rabbit forms, they can jump! I mean, really can jump and no obstacle can get in their way. They’re also super fast even as human-like appearance. Sport events in Solishia would be acknowledged since the idea is to keep with their athletic skills. If they stopped, they begin to get slow and rusty over time. Babina is an issue to the Equines and other herbivores since they can eat an entire field of grass, crops, to other delicious vegetables. They can also live a very, very long time. One thing is clear, some of the Babina is actually very nice as most don’t realize they are doing wrong, but trying to survive. Males aren’t like their females, they simply scout above for enemies, especially predators who’d try to see them on the menu. The longest surviving Babina is also their leader, whose no doubt always female which explains she can breed multiple times making the population spread wide enough that if one does perish, another just takes his/her place.




Anthro Rabbit

Half Rabbit

Beneath the Sea



VII. Islands of Riviser(Fossil)

The Fossils of Solishia


Rapace – The Rapace is Raptors who are carnivorous people who would not think twice about a morsel in front of them, no matter who or what they are. The thought of any food regardless if they are predator themselves or prey, no animus of the other islands would be too sane enough to visit the fossil island unless, they are sure the fossil animus in question is not going to devour them by eating their flesh or swallow them whole, which few are capable of known as consumption ability. They will even look towards the other fossil animus if they are hungry enough. Rapace can run in about at high speeds in raptor or homid modes, the anthropomorphic Raptor form is difficult, unlike most animus who don’t have to go through too much to obtain their bipedal forms nor half-animal modes/neko-like. There are herbivore fossil animus, some have been trained to defend against the Rapace as with other predatory fossil animus if prepared as hatchlings they will stand at ready to face something like this Raptor animus either to daze them enough as a warning or to the death if they keep it up. Rapace’s existence is actually a complex history of being the remnants of reptile scales that suppose to have been destroyed in a storm, but thankfully, the fire left behind the raging storm gave new life to these vicious creatures. When in homid form, their skin feels rough when in contact, they can withstand even the bluntest attacks so as you can tell, they have extremely high endurance allowing them to dish out any punishment than a majority of the Animus could ever manage. However, their vulnerability is either targeting the head of a much larger predator such as dragon animus(Drakken) who’d pretty much swallow these guys in one gulp alive.




Anthro Raptor

Partial Raptor


Before the Islands came, there were aquatic creatures of all shapes and sizes, they were actually the first species to adapt to the way of life and so, are also the first people to exist way before the Land Folk, Sky Folk, Underground Folk, among others. There are categories of species and their world, but the Islands were basically for those of land and sky, as well as ground to cavern races. Aquarian is a species of Animus that lives below the surface, for their territories are very much under the sea that ranges from the northside, east side, south side etc. The Aquarians are known for their gills, to other aquatic anatomy that gives them an ability to swim along with being able to breathe or live under the depths of the waters all over the Islands. Instead of Islands for these people, they have a name to where they call home while the Avians of one island are known for their down, feathers, as well as other bird-like features. The problem with being an Aquarian is that the time spent on land with no water source is bound to cause suffering for the poor marine creatures as they say “Fish cannot live out of water” Stronger one’s can live longer for a few days, but start to dehydrate slowly and become extremely thirsty unless they are near water or in it.


I. Northeast Sea – Corietor City

Corietor City is the fish people’s territory and keeps them at bay away from predators. This section at the bottom floor of the waters is the fish folk’s hometown. They make their home inside many small bubbles surrounding the interior of homes to businesses. The fish people do not care very much for outsiders and for them to come uninvited makes the residence very nervous to strangers. These fish folk enjoys the night life, party life, there is even a club in one of the bubbles where they meet other fellow fish people, others from neighboring towns or other areas of the sea can come, be entertained or browse the merchandise the Merchants are selling.



Pishcul – The Pishcul are actually ancient and not as new as one may think. They are very intelligent and know the history of their people to the days of their ancestors. A majority of them become Merchants who sell or trade their wares making ton of money that is paid in unique seashells that ranges from pearl shell, silver shell, to gold shells. Gold shells are worth more than the other two. Some choose the musician path while also being able to entertain guests no matter who they are nor where they come from. Pishcul began life as fish before the magic occurred and they began to be able to walk on two legs than using their fishtails to get around. This enables them to appear as humanoids on dry land but must return to the water as soon as possible unless they are strong in power levels. In homid, they resemble a well-trained swimmer or someone looking to go take a dive. The water is their friend, so no need to worry about these guys will drown. As long there is moisture source nearby, they can stand on land for as long they want or drink water to prevent dehydration. Pishcul comes from “Pisces” a constellation for fish. They are unique in a way, because, unlike the rest of the Animus population they can shift into at least four forms. Beginning life as a fish, then to homid, afterward when their power levels increases through experience they can enter the fish-man stage where they resemble a fish on two legs, fish head, fish-like body and a fish-like tail while their unique transformation is the mer form, this triggers when a Pishcul has excelled in their career path through dedication rather experience. A true Pishcul merchant for instance may find his or her body developing a half homid/half fish body. Female Pishcul who finds her mate among the male Pishcul can start laying her eggs in a protective nook that the Pishcul sentinels(guards) whose job is to guard all Pishcul eggs from enemies who might steal or devour them.




Fish-man – A bipedal fish with a fish head, fish body, and tail of a fish, fins on the wrists as well as the ankles, gills along the sides of the neck.

Mer – When a Pishcul chooses a career path through his/her life, he/she can begin working in their field. Going to an Academy in their city to learn new skills and putting all their worth into their profession. A guard Pishcul will put his life on the land to protect the city, it’s people etc for that is what it means to be a guard while a Pishcul chef cooks the finest meals in town, the kitchen is his second home, a dancer entertains her guests by dancing in exotic moves to impress. There are many paths to choose from for all Pishculs.


Independent Isles

Unlike the Central Islands, the Independent Isles is home to the Asheria, the Ursine, and more. These creatures prefer their solitary life as much as possible with no one to interrupt that peaceful atmosphere. It is way out and the only method of access is by a raft, boat, or vessel to cross unless someone is already a great swimmer or aerial. Be aware, that just because you gain access, it doesn’t mean you’re welcome there unless invited to do so.


I. Islands of Nayum(Hyena)

The Hyenas of Solishia


Asheria – The Asheria are a bunch of crazed beasts that don’t care who you are, they act first and ask questions later type of people. They are known for speaking in an odd context, so if they are saying something strange think of the fact, it’s their characteristics. These guys cannot help if they’re insane, insanity is their middle name. Female Asheria of a dominant power level has the privilege of leading her Asherian race, the village, as well as the acres of land, belongs to her too. Don’t be offended if an Asheria cackles or seems drunk, that is who they are as a person. These guys can eat anything, I mean, whatever you got, they’ll eat it. An Asheria’s stomach can digest pretty much bone, you name it as they have power digestion enzymes that even allows them to eat poisonous or venomous foods. In hyena mode, their teeth are razor sharp along with those sharp claws to tear into meat like forks. The Asheria have an acute sense of hearing, sight, and smell that helps to detect it from where they are. When it comes to food, sometimes, the Asheria may fight over the scraps if it’s small, but if the meal is larger, they don’t mind sharing.




Anthro Hyena

Partial Hyena



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