This is the oldest city on the planet of Hellifyno. It is named for an ancient king, some call god, a being of myth and legend, and the city that bears his name has all of the traces of that lore. It is a place of wonders, of ruins, of lost secrets and tantalizing clues. It speaks of the many centuries of the planet’s history with a candid truth that is not as tainted by the Great Silence as other lands upon the world. Where other places have artifacts and archaeological finds seemingly missing from the earth, Ar’Elis is a place of ruins, a place where history stands to be discovered, and a place where clues from every era can be found, if not always understood.

The city itself has evolved over the years, and a hundred hundred cultures have built one upon the other, as successive catastrophes ended one era and began another. This has left the architecture of Ar’Elis as somewhat mixed, a conglomerate of ages. Towering ruins of ancient structures still exist, pigeon holed by modern metal pods carved into their sides. The bones of primitive lodges and huts lay around the foundations of skyscrapers and glass pyramids. It is a place of contrast that is like a living expression of the planet’s mottled timeline.

Ar’Elis is a special place of Hellifyno. It has been conquered, and destroyed, many times. Powers often seek to rule the ruins, to build upon its ancient grandeur and steal a part of its past. However, the city is a treacherous place with a mottled history that makes it volatile to control. And more often than not despots find themselves trapped by the many intricacies of this place, rather than truly ruling in their own right.

In recent years, political fads have risen, giving rise to things like the Transhumanist Empire, and the so called Super Slayers of the world. This has left Ar’Elis a place torn between the past and the future. Its people are archaeologists and loremasters of ancient secrets, and enhanced cytronic beings that explore the many levels of the new Weave. And in between, is vast power.

The Mount of Kings
This is a mountain that was created by the High King Ar’Elis, one that stands astride the lands of the possible and impossible. Coming from the early days, it has the power to stretch across the many networks of reality, standing even on the doorsteps of the True Web itself. In this way the High King made it a barrier, a form of physical and metaphysical blockade against the powers of the ancient days that would unravel all that has been wrought in the world. Such was the power of the first king.

Today the Mount of Kings hosts a crystal palace, one born of both Twine and True Web. It is a multifaceted structure that is proof against even the Abominations of the past. It is a place of intersecting magics, one that has most recently acted to save reality, yet again. And now, it has become a place of study, of analysis and contemplation, where the great scholars are able to come and see the bare bones of reality itself, and the fine fibre filaments that make up its structure, bare and uncovered.

The Weave: The connection between the city of Ar’Elis and the True Web, which is the foundation of reality, is one that is palpable and even functional. It has been used to fashion a new kind of network, one that allows the many living beings of the planet to connect virtually, on a new level with one another. By wearing the Weavewear headmasks and subsuming oneself to the Weave, beings from around the world and beyond are able to connect, interact, and share their best and worst thoughts with one another. This is an ancient art, made new and modern so that now it is a craze among the people of Ar’Elis and the many other inhabitants of this world.

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