She had come from a time and ages past. The lands of Lycosia, where she had spent most of her formative years. Once human she was brought into the darkness at the age of three and taught her skills and lessons. Those included were alchemy, magic, combat skills, mathematics, Linguistics as well as the arts of assisnation and the like. She had been taken from a village that was raided, pulled from the bloody ravaged bodies of her parents. It was then that the dark rejoiced as it loved her innocence, from then on when she stepped into the Clan’s household in which the dark began to saturate into her as the years wore on.

She was created, and forged into a facet of another and was brought up as the darkness wanted and needed her to be. The ability to use and manipulate others for the needs of the clan, to destroy life and care naught for the rivers of blood, bleeding, and the broken she had left in her wake. Able to use the skills of espionage from her time and place to survive the hell that was her upbringing. Thus being the perfect weapon or tool to use for the clan and its needs until she was found unsuitable for the Clan’s needs.

Rolling through the lands killing and dancing in the blood her enemies and lovers as well as friends. She had once helped save her home and tavern of the Blackrose from the coming dark, but it came with a price, her ability to keep the madness that was growing from consuming her mind, body, and soul. Her sanity was the price she paid for the power to live and help others survive the catastrophic war that tore it apart.

When she saved them she lost them as they became flashes in her memory. The Clan exiled her,The Rose council could no longer control her, since they created her. They tried to have her killed, but she escaped. The loss of her clan then having to escape into the world with no one to anchor her to reality or anything that was real. When she lost those who she had once cared for, that was when the madness started taking over her mind. Her ability to distinguish friend from foe and being a hero from a villain.

She had traveled through time and space without anyone or anything to ground her into reality. If she hurt or killed people it was done without a thought of who or what they were to her, or how they were connected to her. She couldn’t tell if they were human or not, but when she fed her consciousness made sure to remind her of all the ways she was broken.

From simple things like actually eating food, drinking things she used to love like coffee or tea. Though nowadays most would find her drinking wine or a mixture most called bloodwyne, it was made from her own blood or Her sire’s blood, because normal blood made her mind break As the blood itself could have the memories of where it came from so she tended to stay away from it.

She had found Hellifyno lost, hurt, wounded, no idea if it was a dream or not, she saw the ages pass into one another she wandered into the places meeting people and friends, but not having the memory of them or what they meant to her hours later.

It was then that the darkness and shadows opened their arms to her. It was then that she sank into them welcoming the madness grief loss and all thought passing into the shadows of this world only to be disturbed when the world had been ripped apart and the universe screamed in her mind. As the shadows had tried to consume her, she fought them and consumed them, the void reaching her in the dark cocoon where she had lain, then as the void tried to consume her. She ate it adding it to her own madness smiling.

When she came awake again she was in the Twine and met Alex. Her surety and hope had shone brightly piercing through her madness. When Alex asked her to be a hero she didn’t know what made her say yes, maybe a want to be good again to save instead of kill, to keep her sanity without feeding on another, but she had met someone who made her a promise and it brought out the madness in most of its glory, and it scared her. The madness when it came made her skittish from people all, but Alex and now Aero. It was hard to see why she trusted them, but her thirst for knowledge overruled most things. It was one of the only things that kept her sanity in check, and one of the only things she kept from her days of growing up.

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