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“There is a thought, among the people, that one day the soul will be judged by what it has created.”
– The Secret Tomes of Hellifyno

There are an infinite number of celestial realms that parallel and intersect with our own, and many more that don’t, unconnected in the void. Alignments effect these places and so they trend towards positive and negative energies, resulting in beings, celestials of enormous power, that adhere to values and concepts and truths that vary greatly.

In each realm the games of power are very high stakes, and so the need for souls is tantamount. At the lower levels this can result in petty demons and angels battling in physical contests over the fate of mortals. Such is the economy of Hellifyno.

The gods and kings of the celestial realms know that the playing field is far more dimensional, and often engage in larger, and far more dangerous plots with the realms they contend within.

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