Character Information

Character Information



Birth Name: Nikolina Amara Mikaelson

Nickname: Nik (By everyone) & Nika (by enemies) & Nina (by close family or friends)

Name Meanings: The First name was given as the female form of Niklaus, so she was named after her father. The second was given as the first doppelganger Amara, her Mother’s Ancestor and the first doppelganger, so she was named after her, and the last name is the name of her Father’s last name, due to her uncle Elijah’s insistence that she keep it.

Birthday: Unknown

Age: More than 100 Years Old

Species: Born Werewolf/Doppelganger Witch

Occupation: Model and Actress



Mother: Katerina Petrova AKA Katherine Pierce (Kitty Kat, Kat)

Father: Niklaus Mikaelson (Nik, Klaus)

Sisters: Nadia Petrova (Half) & Hope Mikaelson (Half)

Brothers: Marcel Gerard (Adopted)

Uncles: Kol Mikaelson & Henrick Mikaelson (Henry) & Elijah Mikaelson & Finn Mikaelson

Aunts: Freya Mikaelson & Rebekah Mikalson & Dahlia (Great-Aunt) & Unnamed sister of Katherine Pierce.

Grandmothers: Mrs. Petrova & Esther Mikaelson

Grandfather: Mr. Petrova & Mikael Mikaelson (Step) & Ansel (Biological)

Distant Relatives: Isobel Flemming & Elena Gilbert (Maternal Ancestors) & Inadu’s Mother † (Distant Paternal Ancestor) & The Hollow † (Distant Paternal Relative)

Ancestors: Amara & Tatia & Tatia’s Family and Relatives (Ancestors) & Tatia’s Unnamed Child (Ancestor)

Nieces: NA

Nephews: Nadia’s Unborn Son



Nikolina Amara Mikaelson is the unknown biological daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Katherine Pierce, also known as Niklaus Mikaelson and Katerina Petrova. Nik (Called by Everyone), or Nina (Called by Close friends and Family), as she is often called, was born sometime after the two had met and had an affair, that neither talked about. She was the product of the affair. After her birth, her mother had sent her away, like her older sister Nadia, sent to live somewhere to protect her from her Father. Years past and she was now 18 years old and were now on the search to find her family, the only names she knew were Mikaelson and Petrova, not much to go on, but she began her long search, and what will she find, the truth, death, uncertainty, or dangers? All the above, and more. She doesn’t know what she is and but time and years of searching will allow her to find the answers she seeks, and maybe a family to call her own, however, messed up it is.





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