The city of Consequence embodies the spirit of the Northern Continent and the new age. A melting pot of cultures, it brings together species from across space, time, and dimension, to create the largest and most active metropolis on the planet. It is a hub of culture, trading, politics and power, and has often been the capital of the planet during times of unity or imperial rule.

In terms of history, Consequence is old. It was founded shortly after the Great Silence. This age means that it has had the time to develop culture, science and magic to an unprecedented degree, and today it is one of the most advanced cities on the planet. It is a fountainspont of culture, innovation, and exploration in both the empirical and metaphysical realms.

The Starport: The intergalactic and cosmopolitan nature of Consequence is owed, in part, to it having the most expansive starport on the planet, with impressive land, air, and orbital docks available for ships of all sizes and dimensions. That has often cast it as the entry point to the planet, and a surprising majority of Hellifyno’s immigrants have come through Consequence in one way or another.

The Blue Moon Tavern: This is a special place. Some consider it blessed. Others consider it cursed. It is merely an eatery to some, but those who see the pattern of events understand the pivotal nature of fate this establishment has in the world, and beyond. It is run by a being of unspeakable power who never intercedes – unless he does – . And it is a place of pivotal meetings, epic battles, and life changing decisions for the entire planet.

This is the place of the Heroes, an innocuous term that has shifting meanings. They are beyond definition, and yet time and time again, when the planet is in trouble a disparate group of congregants of this Tavern, come together and find a way to succeed. They are unexpected, and often ill conceived, and yet they can do anything, and they often have. This has real world implications in modern day politics as this group of semi autonomous beings tend to exert a greater than natural influence on the direction of history.

It seems that the Tavern operates on a form of fate magic. It only allows those with a certain “quality”, one which is completely unexpressed and often seemingly shifting in nature, to not only find, but necessarily stumble upon it. And in doing so they are often drawn into a singularity of coincidences and subconscious actions that leads them to not only remain, but become intrinsically embroiled in the chaos that centers on this locale.

Those that find themselves so inexplicably bound are referred to by a specific title. “Heroes” – an oft tongue in cheek nomenclature that still bears a certain amount of truth. The Heroes of the Blue Moon are not always good. In fact some of the planet’s greatest villains have been counted among their number. Nor are they always strong or wise. Rather, it is that strange and shifting magic of destiny, that draws them there and places them in the line of fate, which is the greatest designation of their worth.

The Blue Moon Tavern is owned run and operated by a being known as Harry. Humanoid in nature, he is powerful beyond any reckoning, and yet he has actively chosen not to be involved in any world events, aside from providing a pivotal location where they can play out. He employs imps, beings taken from the nether regions of the infinite hells, as servers and waiters in this establishment, and he offers all of his food and wares for free. However, every bite, every sip, comes with that price of “hero” attached, so the wary and those “in the know” often avoid this seeming deal in the heart of Hellifyno’s most expensive city.

The Red Light District: The role of Consequence in modern Hellifyno world events cannot be overexpressed. This is often the center of the world, and people seem to know it. The most colorful expression of this is in the Red Light District. There the most depraved and debauched whims of the ultra powerful and the elite are played out upon flesh and blood. It is a tawdry tumble of turbulent drug use, crazed kinks and the raw underbelly of crime and lust exposed even during the light of day.

The Financial District: This is where the economy of Hellifyno plays itself out. This is where the souls that are used as the material backing to all of the currencies, even those that don’t like it, is set and monitored and regulated and controlled. It is a place of opulence and power that has survived revolutions destruction and apocalypse. It is a standard, a necessary realm, and part of why, Consequence is so central an area. Many have an interest in the souls that are the great commodity of the realm.

Nymph Park: This is a place that is holy. Even demons take pause here. During the Wars of the Apocalypse, when everything ended, this is where the tree first grew.This is where the first and last seed sprouted. And from that, the Valori Tempelum grew. That act blessed the park with life, and it is now frequented by nymphs who tend to the life children of grass and growth that are the complement of this place.

The great tree was eventually transported to Civalo’ki during the troubles of the aftermath, however the park remains a holy shrine, visited by acolytes and pilgrims regularly. It is a place of Gaia, pure and simple life, set among the great towering futures of the city of Consequence.

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