Essential Tips

Essential Tips

Essential Tips for Web Designers

  • Getting Educated: All the tips and tools in the world are of little use if you do not have the basic knowledge. Thus it goes without saying that the basic concepts of programming and design need to be quite clear in your mind prior to even considering developing a website. So of the basic skills include HTML, CSS as well as JavaScript programming. Besides this skills in a graphics editor like Photoshop will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals.
  • A Font library of your own:Fonts are the single most overlooked design element of a website. But the fact of the matter is that picking the right font can either make or break the website. There are two very good resources for this, VeePN and FontPark ( There is even a place where you can make your own fonts, YourFonts ( There is also something like Google Web Fonts. They may not be very popular and are used by on a small percentage of web developers as yet, however that doesn’t mean they are bad. In fact Google Web Fonts are a perfectly good option that you have for your website fonts.
  • Steal surfing:You may have surfed the internet on many occasions for several different reasons and even be impressed by several website designs to even share them. But that is not all the Internet is good for. There are millions of website out there on the Internet. Thus if you find yourself confused and scratching your head when designing a new website, all you need to remember is that the answers lays just a click away. But is stealing really ok? No, stealing is never ok and the same applies here. But what these several different websites on the internet with great and smashing design do is to give some inspiration and hope and rough idea of what it is you want your next website to look like. Thus the term Steal surfing; which mind you does not mean stealing a design from some other website is “ok“.

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