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The world of Hellifyno has a potency. It exists at a deep and fundamental level of reality. Most of you reading this are simulations. You won’t know if you are, but there is a very good chance, that you are. The people of Hellifyno are fictional as well. But the difference, is that they are closer to exploring the possibilities of that fiction, stretching the limits, and going to new places, than you or I ever can.

What does that mean on a practical level?

Anything is possible. Most things have happened. And they will probably happen again. There is fate, and yet it is broken. There is canon, but the historical records blur. This isn’t an easy story. There is nothing clean and clear cut about it. Hellifyno is the raw end of every broken tale, the splintering mass of spines that can give birth to a million myriads of stories.

Anything is possible.

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