Holly: Our Safe Haven

Holly: Our Safe Haven

Orbital Distance: 1.5 AU
Orbital Period: 1.6 Hell Years
Radius: 3021 km
Day Length: 28 Hell Hours
Atmospheric Pressure: 1.1 Hell Atmospheres
Surface Temperature: 16 C
Surface Gravity: 0.9 Hell
(AU = Astronomical Unit. Hell = Hellifyno Normal)

Holly appears from an outside scan a normal garden world with low scale organisms and large land masses. Its general atmosphere is breathable to Humans, but the planet itself emits a low scale radiation that can start having negative effects in concentrated doses over long periods of time.

Because of the radiation and the twin suns that hang in Holly’s sky, the dirt was mostly orange. The sky itself varied in various colors throughout the day, and a special effect was discovered that during ‘proper’ sunrise alongside a body of water producing a dazzling rainbow.

All creatures on this planet are chinteous in nature, completely primal. Only one species so far as been seen to be inherently hostile and terroriral, existing in a forest 100 kilometers away from Curiosity. Other than that there is a flying species that are peaceful and flee unless cornered, and a ground dwelling bug like insect that feed on the flora.

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