Kili Toda

This is the greatest city of magic on a planet known to be the center of all supernatural activity in the universe. It is a place of incredible power, knowledge, and danger. A metropolis filled with wizards so powerful that the least and poorest of their ranks could destroy whole city streets with a word, and alter the nature of color with nothing more than a tracing of glyphs.

However, this is not a power used very often. The society of Kili Toda is very tightly constrained, and its mages and mystics are held to impeccable levels of discipline which are enforced by the means of even more rigorous magics. Rather than being a place of authority over the world, it is one dedicated to learning, exploring the arts of the metaphysical planes, and attaining a deeper understanding of how reality, and its many mirrors work.

Because of this isolationist nature, the city of Kili Toda has vanished from the planet Hellifyno many times over the years, enacting a dimensional side step that allows them to disappear from every plane and avoid the turmoils of war and trouble. After the Slayer invasion they vanished for nearly a decade, returning to view only after the end of the Void Apocalypse, and the reawakening of Twine.

The Universite Magnifique: This is the crowning jewel of Kili Toda, and some say, the reason for its existence. This is a place of learning, and it is where the greatest wizards in the greatest magical city on the most magical world in the universe spend the majority of their time. It is said that there is no answer, no matter how obscure or profound, that cannot be found in one of its endless tomes. It is a place of wonder and wonders, an institution of untold powers and its mysteries are like lore made life.

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