Language and Civilization

Hellifyno’s Docs Histories The Fifth Age: Apocalypse Language and Civilization

5,340 BVA

We don’t know why, and it is a subject of great debate, but language and civilization seem to have evolved and advanced, nearly simultaneously, roughly 5,000 years before the Void Apocalypse. This is when, seemingly spontaneously and across the planet, city states started to form, and within them there are markings written on tablets and walls that we can translate as simple means of math and record.

While there are some ruins of stone monolith structures from before this, it is during this age that we first start to see the markings of true settlements. These were often striated by species, and isolated against both trade and incursion, but in them we can see the birth of the thousand thousand cultures that would eventually become the lifeblood of Hellifyno.

This led to a millennia of innovation. Cultivation of plants and agricultural in a formal way was discovered. Languages evolved and spread and translations were made, so that there was communication beyond records, allowing for the birth of stories, histories, and mythologies to bloom. In this age the gods returned, or were born anew again, and they began to give boons and powers to their followers. And governments started to develop to rule these societal structures, giving rise to kings and queens who reigned over small but blossoming realms across the land.

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