Olde Watch

Olde Watch is ancient, by modern standards, in that it awoke early after the Great Silence. Sitting upon Hellifyno’s greatest seaport, it has dominated trade across the planet for centuries. It is a place of naval power, of ships, of merchants. Its docks are heavily traveled and its peoples are well versed in the language of haggling and negotiations. They are the mightiest of the worlds naval powers, and the greatest mercantile force on the world. This has traditionally made them a powerhouse of economy and wealth.

They are also a refuge of humans. A place that is open to anyone: mortal men and women have always flocked to Olde Watch, using industry and science as a way to ensure and protect themselves against the more mystical forces and dangers of the rest of the world. However, this mix of mercantile industry and technological advancement is twinged with hints of a xenophobic need to acquire more knowledge, more know how, to gain the wisdom to defend against the great wrath that magical means can bring.

Today Olde Watch has been beset by troubles. The reawakening of Twine has created a world where portals are easily accessible to nearly any conceivable dimension, including realms of pure gold, precious metals, food stuffs, and any commodity that can be imagined. This has destroyed the economy of the city, which once plied its trade on scarcity and transport. Merchants of the sea are nearly useless when instantaneous portal transport is possible. In turn, this has rendered the largely mortal human population of Olde Watch even more antagonistic towards their magical neighbors in the land.

At one point they stood as the greatest of the worlds mercantile powers. A time not too far in the distance. A time well remembered by the powerful and wealthy and those with influence in the Olde Watch Republic and Senate. Now they are subject to the whims of a magical world that is beset by supernatural troubles and wars, without the benefits of wealth or luxury to shield them from such troubles. This has left the people of this city introverted, xenophobic, and militaristic, if in a defensive manner. They horde the dreaded Anti Magic, which they acquire from allies in the Slayer Galaxy, and constantly beat the drums of war against their fellow, magical, inhabitants of the world.

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