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The Void of Death

“Nothing matters.The ghosts that haunt our dreams are the same as the faces that torture our days. It is freedom, without limit to compassion or understanding. It is emptiness, a hollow feeling in my soul. One so profound I can feel it passing down to my children, I can sense it in the interactions with my friends. It is the […]

Joseph Gambit June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019
The Void Touches Reality

600,000 BMA “It was an age where death and life were choices. We controlled the fabric of reality. We understood everything. And then we found out we were wrong. It was then that death was truly born. It was then that I was lost.” “It was an accident. I’m so sorry. I wish I’d never been born to do this.” […]

Joseph Gambit June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019
The Warpers: An Age of Woe

90,373 BMA – 90,275 BMA During this time of expansion, innovation and inquiry continued to delve into the mysteries of nature and existence. Of these, one of the most exciting realms of exploration was into the Weave and the true depths of reality it could touch. Deeper networks were discovered beneath the Weave, interlaced connections that formed what seemed to […]

Joseph Gambit June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019
The Watch Queen and the Rule of the Weak

There arose a queen of the city of Olde Watch known as Faltering. She was a being of sublime force, who led her people to numerous victories in the great Trade Wars. Striding ships she herself had designed, she destroyed the navies of her foes, and then brought crews of warriors through to ports to subjugate the Northern Continent. Her […]

Joseph Gambit June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019
The Weave

Hellifyno is not always a barbaric place, and in many areas they have built upon the emanations of emanations to form a kind of world wide web. An internet of their own, known as the Weave. This is an immersive virtual reality enabling experience that can connect a person to endless beings and realms of information. But it is only […]

Joseph Gambit June 10, 2019 June 10, 2019
The White Bear Inn & Bar

The White Bear Inn and Bar is the one and only inn in the Hierodorf village. On the front door, there is a label with a silhouette of bear’s head drawn in white. Inside you can meet the residents and for sure the inn-keeper Alee, a young mute woman. Everything here is cost around one coin, because of soft politics […]

Nest's November 22, 2019 November 22, 2019
The Wyrding God (Buddha)

This is the one who makes new rules. They are the being that knows no way. They fall blind upon the path, and in so doing create their own. They are the outsider, the one not spoken of. They move through time and space and are considered the stranger. They do not even understand themselves and in this truth they […]

Joseph Gambit June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019
The Years of Infinite Time and Space

680,000 BMA In an age where reality was firm but still shaped by the nascent fond meanderings of the First people, the world of Hellifyno reached a new height. It is said that this was a time when every single being upon the planet had access to incredible mystical abilities and powers. Children were born with the ability to fly, […]

Joseph Gambit June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019

This is a city that was built by the weakest peoples of the Southern Continent who refused to be victims. This is a realm that was forged by nymphs and pixies, satyrs and fAe who were tired of being weak. Rallying to the battle cry of their warrior martyr Thistle Leafblade, they rejected the ways of peace and gathered together […]

Joseph Gambit June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019

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