Preparations part 2

Preparations part 2

She had taken her rest and it was now time to don the armor once again. Pulling it out and laying it on the bed she had, the linen undergarments just light enough to make sure that she didn’t chafe. Then the gambeson padding to keep a protective layer between herself the outer cover which went under the reinforced kevlar suit she had made, which covered from her ankles to her neck and out to her wrists, this was the color of midnight. And then finally the suit of kabuli leather suite of armor again this was also a black of sorts, it has been stitched and sealed together. There were some wear and tear spots that she had fixed up with metal plating along her spine across her ribs and covering the vital points, but all in all it was good as it was.
Her hands also had reinforced kevlar and karbuli gloves, that slid under the bracer at her wrist and forearm of the suit, thus keeping both hands wrists protected. Her gorget she slid on around her neck to keep it intact. It had been a long time since she had worn it, but it fit just fine. The boots were different. She had part of her old uniform from when she was training in japan, so the socks and boots were from that era, what would later become known as Jika-tabi she slid onto her feet,
Next came the weaponry laid out on the bed were 8 magazines filled with the bullets she had just made. The strapping for them to be strapped to her thighs, and the harnessing for her guns this time she would take four taurus .45 caliber pistols. Her katana’s that she always carried and had earned long before she made it to this world, And the New one that Charles had forged for her, slid where she would have normally carried her wakashahi the draw would be slower, but she fingered she could take that few seconds. Then came the fun part of tucking in extra blades and knives into the armor for back up or distraction. Her hair she had kept braided with the razor wire and small blades intertwined along the braid, gave new meaning to deadly beauty. Along her spine was a blade as long as her forearm and the pockets she had created in the armor for the metal plating also had small knives tucked into them.
Once this was completed she smiled and began dawning each layer, the linen, the gambeson and then the reinforced kevlar then the harnessing for the mags and guns slipped on over that. She loaded the harnessing with the mags, but waited on the guns and swords until she put on the armor. Letting everything sit and situate as she moved around the room then sliding into the armor after she put on the gorget and Gloves making sure everything was tucked the way it was supposed to the armor was easy for her to put on and didn’t hinder the holsters or the strapping for the magazines. She could still draw the blade from its spine sheath as well. This made her smile, Sliding into the boots was easy and more hidden blades were stashed all across her calves and forearms to be able to be pulled and used easily. She then took the time to put on her helm through the visor. All that could be seen was her jade eyes, and from behind was her long braid. This was suitable to her as she then picked up and loaded the four guns and swords in their rightful places at her hips and shoulders. “This should do the trick.

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