The breadbasket of Hellifyno. This city stands upon the southern plains of the Northern Continent and oversees vast tracts of land that are excellent for the production of agricultural products. This feeds the mortal population of Hellifyno, and thus plays an important role in the overall economy and societal structure of the world.

Those who can feed the mortals, feed those, who feed the immortals.

The Golden Plague: Sprout has a complex relationship with some of its citizens. Largely human, this is a city of verdant growth that exists upon a world of magic, and so a significant portion of their population is also supernatural in nature. This has led to several confrontations, the latest being between mortal and FaE inhabitants, who used a communion with the Void to cause a Golden Death Cloud to subsume the city for over a year. This was only cured when the FaE were appeased by gifts of land on Hellifyno, and were able to establish a new home.

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