The 10 Pledges of Disboard

Darkside’s Docs The 10 Pledges of Disboard

These are the pledges or laws of this city. they aren’t in effect on the inner city

  1. Murder and Robbery is forbidden
  2.  ALL conflict will be resolved through games
  3. in games the players must bet what they agree is of equal value
  4. as long as pledge 3 isn’t violated you can play any game and bet anything
  5. the challenged party has the right to choose the game
  6. any bets in accordance to the pledges must be upheld
  7. conflicts between groups or factions will be conducted by designated representatives with absolute authority
  8. being caught cheating results in a instant loss
  9. in the name of god the previous rules may not be changed
  10. Lets all have fun and play together!

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