The Afterlives

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“When the gods began to appear upon the land they were numerous, and they took many shapes. This is when those who died began to live again in other realms. And religion grew stronger. And the wars began.“
– The Redacted Mysteries of the Dead God: 500,000 BMA

Documents that have been preserved in lore state that the wars of the gods were universal, multiversal in nature. They raged across every plane of being, but were always centered on Hellifyno. This caused untold devastation. The world itself was destroyed and recreated at least nine times in these conflicts. Many species were invented to populate the armies that were thrown into the ceaseless conflicts. And even afterlives were constructed, to engage the battle on higher planes and provide an untold fervor to the combatants as they played the mighty game.

Souls left free that die are given natural paths to take. Reincarnation, annihilation, returning to the song of being, or straying towards the after realms are all options, and determination is all a complex process laid out by both karma and choice, intention and personal reflection. It isn’t a science, it is the natural magic of the turning world. And every soul goes somewhere, whether deserved or not.

Except for those that vanish into the void.

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