The Age of Change

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Year 0 – AoC

The world was reborn. Those who had been not just dead, but obliterated from existence, were born anew in full formed bodies. Awakened, some felt awe, some understood the role of those few heroes of the light that had fought for them, and others understood or intuited the impact of Gaia and Life, and became adherents. Most, ignored the trauma. Too terrified of the darkness that had consumed them they immediately resumed their daily tasks, though in a world shaken by years of terrible war. Rebuilding began, commerce slowly resumed, and the business of life was the task at hand.

It was a slow process, but one that was buoyed by the powerful magics of those that lived and those that had been reborn. Using the manipulations of earth and fire, space and life, they grew new cities, and replenished old ones. Consequence, chief amongst cities, as the last one standing, now grew to even greater prominence, stretching its influence out across the burgeoning world. War, for now, was halted, and only life mattered, for this rief and glorious time, as every being on Hellifyno and beyond, even those that did not acknowledge it, turned to the task of restoring life.

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