The Cities Patrols

Scaleria’s Docs The Cities Patrols

She had Inherited the Army of Night that now resided in the woods of Wintersong, but Idle armies had never been something that she could abide as it usually meant more destruction than anything else. Taking the time she had set up Accounts with the Silverfang’s tavern for them to crash and drink if they needed it in between shifts. Also an account with the Art De Ore for outfitting and weaponry if they needed it. Also All Corp in case of emergency needing a med vac out or extra weaponry of a more modern nature, but she was sure that Charles would be able to handle their needs.

Shifts you might ask. This was because she had talked with those that ran the city and though the dragons were great at keeping the big disasters at bay, there were smaller matters that the Divisions could handle. Like patrolling the streets and keeping the thugs in line and the decent folk of the city safe.

She had wanted to give them something to do other than haunt the woods and cause a ruckus. They had been through quite a bit already and having something to do may keep them active and astute when it came to issues that may have arisen. Though she was not keen on leaving them without a chain of Command as she had other business to attend to. So, she looked to talk to the council of the city so they had places and people to report to besides their commanding officers and her.

Once she had that information she would go to the woods and let them know as she picked up their healer, to head out. Her mind made up to try and do this for them. She had heard the toll that the death had taken them and wanted to give back to the army and the city as it had been those fights that had claimed so much from them

She smiled as she had spoken with Liz and had gotten the time to get shifts and patrols form the other Divisions so that way they were not idle in the woods. Hopefully this will grant them a measure of surety and that she had wanted them to live and be happy. SHe could do so much more, but this was a start.

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