The First Children of the Light

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580,000 BMA

“In the dark days, when the void had consumed great swathes of the universe, the chosen of the lands were given a gift. They were given the light of the holy mother Gaia, the goddess of life itself. This is an energy that is special, it doesn’t conform to the other rules of magic and power and force. It is a power that is sentient, and fundamental.”

“It emerged within the darkness. As it had in the primordial past and will again one day. And it emerged as a spark, then many sparks, and soon, a slow glowing flame. Within the Empire of Emptiness souls began to flare back to life, to fight, to rage, to surge forth against the all consuming nothingness.”

“This was a power which shattered the all encompassing oneness of Void and left the universe, free. Those chosen, were known as the Children of the Light. And they led others, endowed them with the energy of life and living weapons they could use, and inspired them to resist the darkness, and bring hope back into the world of reality.”

“And thus the shattered scattered peoples were left to rebuild their broken homes.”
– The Sacred Writings of the Children of the Light, 3,270 MA.

In this age of darkness, another Intrinsic being became known throughout reality. She was a sentiment that represented life itself, the embodiment of the agency and will of everything that lived in every way, shape, and dimension. She came to be known as Gaia, often called The Mother. And in her benevolence she shone a light down on a few individuals, empowering them with a holy glow that was able to fight back against the Void.

These few selected Heroes, were known as the Children of the Light. They were the ones that fought back against the elder gods and the horrors of oblivion. And eventually, banded together through some deeper force, they overcame the Void, overthrew its empire, and shattered the endless night that had fallen on the realms. And eventually, reality was reclaimed.

But not before a price was paid.

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