The First Peoples

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Those that first existed as individuals lived in infinite possibilities. Both everything and nothing happened, at all times, and never. There was flux and stasis, nonsense and conformity, at every second that was or never could be. They were impossible and syllogistic at the same time.

However, some of them began to connect. Possibilities and impossibilities began to exhibit symmetries. Functions of reality started to show cohesive boundaries and in those collisions of truth, the first reckonings of stability were formed.

This is the foundation of the infinite realms of existence. These networks these strings, strung through chance, possibility and totality, formed the fundamental laws, the structures, and the themes of time and space that began the realms and beings and forms and reality that currently exists.

These first people that made the connections in the infinite impossibilities and possibilities of the Dreamers dreams, are known as the people of Twine. For they tied together the shapes of form and reality, and made possible the existence of more complex networks and form

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