The Heavens

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Infinite in nature the celestial realms known as the heavens span many pantheons. These are populated by beings that have energy resonances which gravitate towards the good things in existence. In general, there is a sense of empathy and love that permeates these plains, as well as a connection and sense of fulfillment that maintains a serene nature. This is the good. Perfection is striven for and achieved, and nothing limits the pursuit of greater and greater goods.

They are also restrictive, reductive, and limited by nature. Doctrine is the law of morality and so no Heaven can stand innovation past a point, as it necessarily breaks the chains of the accepted society. In more extreme cases totalitarian Heaven states exist, where populations are forced to accept the utopia given, and its restrictions, often for an eternity.

There is often friction between the many realms of the Heavens. Many wars have been fought. These are often hidden by the sovereigns of each realm, in order to maintain the greater illusion that is the perfection of the many Heavens.

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