The Northern Continent

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This is the realm of the modern, the new. It is a wide landscape filled with lush forests, rivers, mountains, and natural resources. After the Silence, it was the place where civilization first thrived and it maintains a sense of fresh vigor to this day. This has given rise to a number of highly developed cities, places of culture and refinement that are integral parts of the planet’s infrastructure. There are both ancient societies of shifters, were-beings and humans, and cosmopolitan realms of finance, culture and technology. Being “modern” makes it a contradiction, a place that is constantly at war with its roots while also benefiting from the maturity of their growth.

The fact that it was the realm of first renewal after the Silence means that the cities on the Northern Continent often have a more highly developed populace than in other parts of the planet. This is not to say that their culture is more ancient. To the contrary, they are often the newest of societies when viewed on the full timeline, but they have had a chance to gain primacy in this world and that is a trait that dominates the minds of many of the people living in these areas.

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