The Southern Continent

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This is a savage land, a place of enormous beings are often classified as monsters. However, it is also a realm of grace and magic that tend has birthed some of the greatest keepers of life the land has ever known. The landscape naturally lends itself to this, with thick vegetation, dense plant growth, and an oppressive heat that spawns a myriad maze of beings which tangle across the continent. It is a savage environment, one that defies taming, and yet actively resists the efforts of cultivation, causing it to promote life in an often violent way, that can be breathtakingly beautiful.

The Monsters: The Southern Continent has always been home to the largest and most fearsome creatures on Hellifyno. There are legends telling of why this is so, but they are often contradictory as is the nature of this world’s history. Among their number in modern times, one can count trolls and ogres, giants, titans, and leviathans that haunt the seas; behemoths that stalk the forests, and dragons that lurk in caves and clouds. They sometimes exist in loose tribal societies, but more often than not these colossals of the realm operate independently, carving out spheres of influence that ever change amidst the never constant nature of the jungles.

The Meek: In addition to the great, the spirit of life gives birth to a propensity of smaller beings. Creatures of the forest thrive in the southern lands. These are the nymphs and fauns, satyrs, pixies, fAe and halflings. They tend to be those who are most closely tied to the ground, the soil, and the great green life that sprouts from it all. They sing songs to the trees, and trade secrets with the flowers, and many say that their cultivation is the true secret to the endless verdant abundance of this area.

However, the small, the meek, they are also the prey of the monsters of the land. In the Southern Continent, and across all of Hellifyno. Often these beings have tried to come together, forming enclaves and even cities to find refuge in numbers. But even that, just makes them targets, easy prey for those that would take their gifts their lives and their mysterious but potent magics.

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