The True Web – What is Reality?

Hellifyno’s Docs Metaphysics The True Web – What is Reality?

The first emanation of the connections of the first people through the great dream of the Dreamers was a network, an interlaced matrix of possibilities and realities.

This first network is called the True Web. It is the foundation that was laid by the people of Twine back in the early days of the original connection.

The True Web is the place where things come together. It is the intersection of every node and consciousness laced in a network of beliefs and facts, truths and lies, that form the many layers of existence in which everything takes place. It is both the agreement, and the disagreement, of all, made flesh and form in life and breath.

And from it, everything else emanates. The many layers of reality are whispers of their greater selves. Each contains a spark of unique beauty, but all are based on subsequent layers of truth, fading and falling from the greater source.

To go into the True Web is to question what it means to be. It is a profound undertaking, one that always comes with consequences. As well as possibilities. Through the source of the many connections everything becomes possible.

However, the True Web is not vacant, nor is it still. It has hosts of beings, imagined and ensorceled, generated and sagely enthralled. Many of the mighty and the great of old are present here, as no realm, afterlife, or even maidenscape can escape the touch of the ever present connections.

It was the first thing in reality, and it remains the oldest and truest of the network levels of existence.

To Hellifyno, the True Web is a mystery, a place of secrets and dangers, and of fundamental powers. It allows for the Changing of things, the Shaping, and the Distorting. It allows for the rewriting of time and space if you know how to interact with it correctly. But at the same time it is a corrupting influence, one tainted by existence itself and the many accumulated sins, meaning that those who interface too deeply are often bound to madness or oblivion.

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