The Valori Astarti – The Children of the Stars

Hellifyno’s Docs Histories The Fourth Age: Science The Valori Astarti - The Children of the Stars

120,950 BMA – 90,251 BMA

Thus united, Hellifyno began to spread its dominance outwards, first across the solar system, and then to the many systems they had encountered beyond. Colonies were established on planets and asteroids, providing fueling stations and jump points from which expeditions could be sent further into the galaxy. Trade posts were also established, and an extensive mercantile network began to develop, the profits of which fueled the expansion and power of Hellifyno.

This expansion and increase in wealth inevitably gave rise to conflicts with peoples of other worlds. In response to this a galactic navy was formed, a great fleet that could protect trade ships, secure the hyperspace routes used to travel, and quiet any disputes that arose with the peoples of native world’s who might be unhappy with the establishment of their colonies.

Over time, this martial force grew in size and strength, as well as in expense. This necessitated greater and greater justifications for their existence, leading to even further conflicts with the peoples beyond the stars. Soon whole planets were being conquered, their peoples enslaved or “liberated” and their resources and power were added to the might of Hellifyno’s growing galactic empire. Collectively the many peoples of Hellifyno, native and extraterrestrial, were known as the Valori Astarti, an elven term that meant the children of the stars.

In the year 120,950 BMA, the Grand Archon of Hellifyno, Chael Andrasson Devora, declared himself as Emperor of the Valori Astari, the galactic realm of Hellifyno. In this act all pretenses were dropped, and the planet fully acknowledged their imperial actions. The military was placed directly beneath his command, and a policy of expansion was embarked upon which would last for eons. Worlds by the hundreds fell to the mighty Hellifyinian fleet, and with each conquest the power of the emperor was solidified.

Unlike other leaders, Devora would not simply die after a few decades or centuries, giving rise to a successor. Rather, he had his brain removed from his body and placed in a vat of living gel, so that he might continue to oversee the expansion of the empire’s power. Thus he became the Eternal Emperor, overseeing the Valori Astarti as they slowly came to dominate the entirety of the galaxy.

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