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Hellifyno is not always a barbaric place, and in many areas they have built upon the emanations of emanations to form a kind of world wide web. An internet of their own, known as the Weave. This is an immersive virtual reality enabling experience that can connect a person to endless beings and realms of information. But it is only another emanation, a faint echo, of an echo, of an echo, of the greater network that reality itself is founded upon.

However, this Weave does contain hints and traces of its greater True Web progenitor. Those with proficiency in Weave manipulation can even use that to interact with the accepted reality of the living world, changing, effecting, and shaping things in a form of power that intersects the theoretical and the metaphysical.

These are the Weavers, who pull and strain at the ghostly strings of the emanations of things to create consequences and actions in the real world. It is a complex discipline, one which comes with many complications, and which can only be mastered by the truest of acolytes. Acolytes to the True Form.

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