Twine: The Lost Island

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The place of mysteries revealed. This is the first land. This is the land of the Dreamers first Dreams. It is a place of infinite connection, where anything in reality can touch. As such, it is incredibly perilous. A realm where one can have their soul merged with a monster or altered to a demonic phase through simple existential being.

As such it is sacred, but also dangerous. There is history to show that the emergence of Twine is connected to the end of the world, and its appearance has often been correlated with enormous conflict.

In the legend of the Dreamers, it is the people of Twine that first set the boundaries of reality, known as the True Web. After the descent of the many emanations of reality, when the world of Hellifyno was born in matter, these peoples, or the faint descendants of their souls, created this island in the Southeastern seas of Hellifyno, and they gave it the power of connection, of Twine, of Portals.

And they were the ones that put it to sleep during the great wars of the celestials.

This powerful island, this connection at the heart of a sea of connections, laid dormant, hidden, lost, for millennia. It’s people, descendants of imports and crossbreeds from a million million verses, slumbered under the magics of the First People, the true Twines. This kept the power of this island from being exploited, and also protected the power of the world of Hellifyno, from being exploited by others.

The legend of the portals: the poop

The Unexplored Continent – and The Awakening
While the island of Twine was lost and slept, it was still known of. It could be seen from space, though only at the roughest resolutions, and the tidal shift of the seas in the southeastern oceans implied that a great land mass had to be there. Many brave expeditions were undertaken over those many millenia. None succeeded. Those who traveled towards the island, died, or, in rare cases, went mad beyond comprehension, and were found months or years later, wandering the oceans of some far off shore, muttering incoherently to themselves.

Then, something happened. A time came, the spell was broken, and an expedition broke through to this lost continent. A group of mixed companions, entrepreneurs, Heroes, pioneers, colonists, Rogues, and those with more hidden motives, managed a journey that actually made landfall. There they encountered the wonders of the island, as well as its dangers.

It was in these first encounters with the newly awakened island of Twine, that the seeds of the New Gods were born, and the awakening of the Abominations was foretold.

Modern Twine
Today the island of Twine and its eponymous capital city is inhabited by a strange collection of creatures, some natives of Hellifyno, past, or newly travelled to the realm. Others are beings from the many verses and dimensions that are connected to Twine through the portals. These include trolls, giant living teddy bears, minotaurs, rainbow giants, and teacup dragons, as well as many others. However, none of the original Twines, the people who created the land and so much more, still live upon its ancient shores.

Economic Impact
With the rebirth of Twine, the use of portals of unprecedented power became commonplace upon the planet of Hellifyno for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years. This allowed for relatively easy connection between the planet and many realms: places of opulent wealth, whole dimensions made of precious metals, food stuffs, and glorious wonders that could be taken, plundered, bought, or traded for. This has created a dramatic shift in the economic life of the planet.

For at least the last ten thousand years of known history, the major economic powers of the planet have been Consequence and Olde Watch. Consequence specialized in trade amongst the stars, and prided itself on its advanced space port and orbital docking stations. Meanwhile, Olde Watch ruled the seas, and was often able to exert a monopoly in intra-planetary trade, providing incredibly efficient means to transport enormous goods across even the most troubling of waters.

However, the portals of Twine have changed everything. With commodities rushing in, intra and extra planetary trade has changed dramatically. There is no longer nearly as much need to use a ship to get to another planet or continent, when a cheap easy portal would suffice just as well. Commodities are hitting the world market at new levels of bulk with prices that are undercutting every other manufacturer, save a few specialized in Hellifyno’s most niche, supernatural industries. This has caused an economic collapse in Olde Watch, and has resulted in a steady decline in Consequence with subsequent rebellions, autocrats, and warlords coming to power there.

There is of course an important political fallout to all of this as well. With the economies of powerful cities crashing, and new powers rising to take advantage of this strange new world, volatility has been the rule of the day. Cities have been at each other’s throats, battling for power, control, and a say in the new world being born.

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