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Wolves of Solishia

Race: Lycaos



Species: Canine
Breed: Wolf
Group: Pack
King/Queen of Wolves: Referred to as the Wolf Emperor(Male) & Wolf Empress(female)
Sub-leader: All Alpha dominate males can lead a pack, they must be at least 2 years in wolf and 45 in homid years. He must have gone through the Academy or have trained under an experienced Lycaos during his puppy years. This male must prove to the other wolf shifters that he has what it takes to lead a pack of his own starting with his King/Queen of wolves followed by being acknowledged among the wolf community that he has what it takes to be a leader. It’s rare for a female Lycaos to lead a pack since, males along with the females may laugh in her face as experienced wolf shifters understand and know the wolf females place in society, they are submissive while males tend to be dominant for most of them anyway. There are circumstances that a potential female who decides to lead to prove them beyond a doubt she has what it takes even if the whole wolf community as well as outsiders might think how odd. There has been a history where females actually lead an entire pack while there have been a Wolf Empress for the town of Carran as she was second in line to the throne of Carran. The exception seems to be if the female is the only heir to an Alpha male wolf of her pack in which, there is a higher ratio she may be acknowledged or that she is descendant to the Wolf King to be eligible for the throne as long he has no male heirs, they declined or died during that time to other reasons that she can gain such responsibilities is the green light from her parent/s. If they are alive and exist that is.


The wolf is the most common species of animal in the world, they also one of the most social creatures as well. Wolves take care of the other because, in society, it is the duty of every wolf to be there for their own kind as it is essential to the well-being of all Canis Lupis. The Wolves of Solisha also referred to in the present as Lycaos are the connectors, the guardians of nature, and the Earth herself. Many fears them, some even quake at their howls to the snarls when those sharp canines are flashed only when they’re provoked. While they do have a questionable reputation among the crowd, they try to stay as far from everyone else as best they can muster. These canines only wish to be left alone so they can be at peace and harmony with one another. Lycaos are lead by their leader who is acknowledged as their current Emperor of not only their territory but also all Animus Wolves who all must carry their own weight once they become old enough to do so. Like any wolves, in reality, they display dominance and submissive lifestyle within the Lycaos race.


Social Behavior
Lycaos are family, the most experience of them believes that their kind is always first, to be wolf is to be with their own people. To do so without thinking about your fellow wolves is a disgrace to the wolf race altogether. It’s fine to enjoy your connections with other Animus who is not wolf or rogues who their leader specifically expresses to have no social relations inside the town of Carran because they may pose problems for all Lycaos within. When two or more Lycaos meet for the first time, they express their greeting by brushing cheek to cheek as it is the appropriate wolf etiquette as all learn in the Academy known as Canis Lupis Academy, a school just for the young Lycaos who enrolls around the age of five years old in homid years than in wolf. This gives young bloods a chance to prove they have what it takes to be a wolf, in front of all other experienced to elders who expect great achievements from them. When the dominant approaches a submissive Lycaos, it is about showing the dominant their respect either by licking the back of their hand or dropping to the ground exposing belly to them. If the submissive forgets his/her place in terms of etiquette there is usually a warning or small punishment the first or second time unless they are too young still learning the ropes which, they simply make sure their Scholars teach the pups well who all attend. Two dominant wolves aka Lycaos, greet each other by rubbing cheeks regardless of the form their in..homid or wolf, doesn’t make much difference. When a dominant meet another dominant of a different pack, they each may size the other up because a first expression is important. When around outsiders, those who aren’t a wolf(other Animus), the gesture is altered into a rather European exchange of kisses to the cheeks, hands-on shoulders, or upper arms.


Mating & Breeding

A female Lycaos who is extreme heat or in other terms, estrogen, will attract lots of attention of other wolven males in her area as long she is in the wide-open, any unmated males will seek her out no matter the circumstances. Her only option is to accept his proposal or running away as fast as she can. Some males would even allow a challenge and if she puts up the difficulty in chasing her or wooing her, then there is a high chance she is also worthy of fathering his future puppies. When a female chooses not to mate or become the male’s mate, she may seek refuge at her local town that shelters all unmated females during mating season or during times when her estrogen is skyrocketing would the Lycaos priest/ess give her a place to stay long as she needs to, one of the many duties of a Clergy Lycaos is reaching out to those who are in dire need whether food, clothing, whatever, they are available. The average litter size of pups is 4-5. Lycaos mate for life and they are monogamous. Once a Lycaos pair decide they would pair as mates, then they must understand that neither would be able to leave the other’s side unless one or both pairs perish. The gestation period of a female is 68 days after conception.



The Lycaos start life as a young pup from birth in one of his or her packs, the pack he/she derives from will vary their appearance and what abilities they have at their disposal as they get older. Homid(Human-like form) will show when the wolf gets a bit older, around 2 months old. They would still shift into their wolf pup form until around 7 months will they be able to shift into a young wolf form. Before being allowed the anthropomorphic wolf and partial wolf(wolf-boy/wolf girl) mode, they either must learn under an experienced Lycaos or attend the academy at a local School of the Fang(Wolf School for young and mature lycaos) who studies under the Lycaos Scholars who may also teach them academia to giving them extra-curriculum such as breakfast & lunch to gym classes to boost their mind, body, and spirit. When a Lycaos in homid or beast mode shifts, there is an aura coating their body, the color of the aura is equivalent to their personality. The shift is euphoric, so elders need to teach young Lycaos to not give into shifting too often for fear of becoming a shifting junky. Shifting addiction is actually quite common among Animus especially the Lycaos. A Lycaos male can seek out forming their own pack when they reach about 2 years old.




The Lycaos appear in the same way that Mowgli did in the Book & Movie “The Jungle Book” their hair if any, is disheveled while some resemble a mop-head to fine locks. The color of their hair and eyes differs from one pack to another. So, the pack your wolf retromorph(animals turn human)belongs to will determine their characteristics soon enough. They will be nude at the beginning of their humanity via, homid lifestyle because clothing is nothing to the beast, remember that. In fact, a majority of the Animus prefers nudity to what is worn on their flesh for they know the truth, they not human nor ever will be for it is just a way of getting around much easier and swifter with ease, nothing more. During their homid life, they will act in the method of what a real wolf would if they could speak. Yes, the human-like form does not stop them from communicating as wolf including growling, yapping, howling etc for it is how they communicate with their very own kind. In this way, the Lycaos already know the wolf dialect as it is their primary racial structure while they automatically have been given a gift of the common tongue so when necessary, they can switch between wolf and common. Common is used for non-wolves/lycaos, other Animus of their own kind. As they age so does their appearance. The Lycaos will have to find ways to primp his or herself up on their own if they got the skill of beautician or look for the business district for a fellow Lycaos whose profession/class is a beautician. There may be a parlor or they could be a traveling one. They may expect payment in fangs. Ivory or Platinum fangs, the primary currency in Carran.


Social Structure

Elders(Emperor/Empress) & Pack Leaders greet subordinates first.

When two alphas greet for the first time, the dominant one will often bite the other’s neck after the cheek rub/ear sniff.   This is to cement the ranking between them.  In front of non-Wolves, the bite is altered to a “playful” gripping of the back of the neck, with a little shake.  A back of the neck grip often follows the bite also if the Wolves are in furry but bipedal form, regardless of onlookers.

Submissives will often rub against an alpha’s chin and lick across their lips before doing the cheek-rub/ear sniff.  This is an appeasing gesture that goes back to the way pups will lick and rub their parents’ mouths, begging for disgorged food.  It tends to trigger the protective instinct in a psychologically healthy alpha, or at least to mollify any current foul mood.


Carran Town

Carran is the Lycaos hometown, it is where their ancestors called it their home away from home. Carran is a forest surrounded by trees, lots of bushes, shrubs, ferns, wildlife even to hunt for food. Each section of the town varies from one spot to another. There is a busy area for those Lycaos who manage to earn a living by building stalls or own stores for fellow Lycaos to visiting Animus who may want something there than anywhere else if they are invited or welcomed. It is the duty of the Carran Elder(Emperor/Empress), or those in high positions beneath them to give passage. All citizens will know when war is happening or when it is not a good idea for visitations from neighboring or distant Animus who intends on stopping by. There are local packs, each pack varies, and how they are run is different from the other packs. Get to know the packs within Carran, every single one is unique.



Forest Pack(Central Carran): Lycaos born to the Forest Pack have light gray fur when in wolf form, their eyes range from brown to green or mostly colors one finds in a forest. They are small wolves and when in homid, are short to average height. Despite their size, they make up for it with high accuracy, very enhanced speeds, skilled acrobat meaning they can do somersaults in mid-air to jumping on tree tops thanks to their small stature. When hunting, it is usually when the pack is a cluster of acrobats in motion towards prey then pounce with razor fangs ready to sink in. The Forest wolf’s fur is more smooth and soft unlike some of the others. In homid form, they resemble your average Rangers or Sentinels who guards the forests and everything in it, which they actually do. These guys make awesome Rangers as a class/profession, druidism is a religious system within the pack should one choose the Clergy lifestyle, druids are neutral and therefore, their faith is nature itself allowing them to have a free mind, but there are other good Professions for these wolf shifters. Small, but don’t underestimate them. This is also referred to as the Central Pack.

Lunar Pack(Southern Carran) – Silver furred wolves of average size with a mystic talent in them is born. This pack is one of the most complex structure because each wolf born varies by the shape of the moon. Each wolf automatically has a magical talent. The moon wolves are listed below.

New moon – This wolf’s death is pretty unique. Every time the wolf dies, he/she can get a random talent of that moon phase. But, the death cannot be a foolish one, or else, the wolf has no talent whatsoever. In fact, the more foolish that death is, the wolf will be just a normal wolf shifter with no gift. It’s like a witch with no magical essence in her at all. For the random gift to be effective, the wolf must die in a way that it is either unexpected, honorable, to other ways. Death to this wolf is more of a means to enhance than to lose. Should an enemy learn of this feat, they will probably not kill him/her, rather, they’d torture or make them long for death. Sometimes, enslave them to servitude, the worse thing for any wolf is the following order than their leader/s period. The New Moon Lycaos can die permanently only when they commit suicide, eaten, or devoured.

Waxing – When born under the Waxing, this wolf can increase or decrease his/her size. It takes time to adjust to learning about height because a child’s mind is empty of such details. One way to gaining the knowledge of measurements is taking mathematic classes at the Academy as a pup or learning under a skilled Lycaos Mathematician who can teach this particular canine a thing or two. The knowledge of numbers will help when wanting to be as tall or smaller in stature. Small as an ant or larger than an elephant.

First Quarter – Born under the First Quarter moon, the wolf will be able to give more vague responses than a complete answer. They can also cause others around them to be less descriptive in case the enemy is searching for answers. This is a useful tool to believe it or not. What does one do to prevent the secrets of the inner chambers of the Emperor, the past of the Empress, this is the kind of wolf a leader is bound to want to stay alive longer with less conflict. Loose lips do sink ships.

Waxing Gibbous – This wolf can become fatter or skinnier rather than taller or smaller like the Waxing wolf, except, this one must know weight rather than height depths. How to break open your prison cell when this wolf can bust it down as a fatty wolf, as long he/she knows how much weight it will take or needed for that operation or task, sometimes, they use it for entertainment purposes if done correctly.

Full Moon – Eating and drinking, food is fuel for the soul, beverages soothes thirst, but if you’re born under a full moon, eating and drinking is essential. When this wolf eats, he/she will gain the abilities they never had before. This seems to correspond with the saying, you are what you eat.

Waning Gibbous – Born under a Waning Gibbous, the wolf can shrink objects or the target-directed, but unlike his/her packmate who can change his size to how tall or small they can be is the total opposite. Not all targets are affected such as the Babina since their small already even when they transformed! Doesn’t work on Animus whose already there! Small like certain bug Animus, the rats or mice, but it is more effective to a target that is large or medium in size. Can also cause Animus who is not small already to shrink by the growling of the Lycaos only when in wolf form can he do this technique. Most all Lycaos must be in wolf mode to execute their lunar abilities, not in homid mode.

Third Quarter – Third Quarter born Lycaos of the Lunar Pack can draw a circle, a magical circle, and cast ritualistic magic within it. Once a magic circle is drawn no one but the master who sketched it can enter it unless he/she gives permission. No power, abilities, nothing can harm the user while in the circle as long they are not outside of it. There is a way to break or ignore the circle so long that Animus has such a skill or gift at their disposal.  This wolf can then begin casting a ritual spell only but needs the necessary ingredients by reading scrolls that may be found as a treasure, a gift, or other ways of obtaining new ritualistic scrolls. Lycaos Lorekeepers of past and present keep scrolls they find along their travels. They are treasure-seekers that bring back the goods they may find for shopkeepers, crafters, or any Lycaos who own shops or Merchants in the Merchant Class. Merchant Class is the most common Class/Profession, they make the highest money while Bankers in their own Animus groups exchange, withdraw, or deposit any money from foreign currency to locales. Check out the Professions/Class section. Some of them are specific Class/Professions for that Animus but not for any other Animus groups. Rat animus cannot be warriors, but they can be soldiers and assassins instead.

Waning Crescent – This wolf born under the Waning Crescent can project images that occurred in the past or present as long they have experienced it before. This ability can help the target who doesn’t remember something or they are experiencing amnesia. They can also teleport to a location long as they have seen it or been there once before to be effective enough.


City Pack(Eastern Pack) – Average size in wolf with dark gray fur with a bit of silver coat mixed within, intelligent and brilliant, no matter the form they are in. These Lycaos are unique in structure because when they start homid, they appear more human than the other Lycaos and when they age it’s almost as if, the sparks of beauty have already set in from the moment of their birth. As they get older, they do not need a beautician nor primping because attraction is automatic for them. These wolf shifters know how to dress with success! In fact, they are the most ambitious with succeeding in the top-level professions as they prove to be natural-born leaders. City wolf pack’s leadership makes certain that their youngest begin soon as they hit 7 months while still a child. Geniuses at a young age, strict pack life, to them, they don’t play rather than explore, study, learn, teach the next generation. Books are your friends, writing many while having that higher achiever like attitude where those who think of playing around is going to hear the words “Knowledge is a terrible thing to waste” In fact, the City Pack is the ones who adopted the educational system for all Lycaos who needs it while they are still just kids. Their ancestors believe that the mind needs to improve so that the wolves can be great things when the time came. Mathematicians, Merchants, Scientists, and more are born to this Pack while the Forest is Rangers, Sentinels, among others. Choosing the appropriate pack of your wolf is essential to who they are in the present. City Lycaos are the most difficult in the ways of seeking their significant others because when it comes to the mating seasons for all wolves, it can get competitive in the City Pack. The best breeding comes from the best minds of their packmates who hopes to challenge any competitors with knowledge and wisdom rather than with brute strength, no kidding. Their choice of any competition is brain over brawn, if the one being challenged cannot accept what is being offered then the deal is off, then again, few of them are skilled warriors in combat which is a good thing considering one needs to master the art of fighting while also still having a bright mind to give the sharp edge of combat prowess. Other packs have often spoken of trying to go for one of the City pack wolves, but many have been turned down so many times during the mating season that it’s better not to try unless that Lycaos have skills of persuasion as well as seduction which is a skill learned earlier that the ability to attract one of these people is higher with extremely high charisma skills. On the other hand, it’s also based on luck to attracting one from this pack to intermingle with a neighboring one at that.

Navajo Pack(North Carran) – The Navajo have that Native American custom-built into them, they are skilled craftsmen and uses the spirits of deceased Animus to call upon whenever it is necessary. They are reddish-brown wolves when shifted into wolf mode while in homid, resembles real Indian-like humans with a feathered headband and an armband to express their heritage to the pack. The Northern region of Carran is a roll of hills and mountain ranges, their homes are carved using mud to dry then cement by hard workers of the pack who make sure every pack member has a roof of their heads even during harsh temperatures to weather. On Rainy days, they stay indoors, most of them anyway. They are always available to give advice or answers to questions to anyone who needs it, regardless of the Animus who asking them. The pack is more about listening than making talk unless it is in their own reason or timing to do so. Speak less, but listen more. Navajo Lycaos have survived for as long as any Lycaos rather pack or not.


Blizzard Pack(Northeastern Carran) – Pure white wolves whose heart is golden. They help people, help other Animus, and would think outside the box if the first or second options do not follow through. Blizzard wolves are large wolves but can run at enhancing speeds despite their large bulk. The Blizzard deal in the ways of faith and healing, they despise darkness and impurity of all kinds. Their body can withstand even the most frigid of temperatures, snow as well as ice is more likely their best friend rather they’re enemy. They can also walk as well as glide on ice of all kinds without falling flat on their face, but pups take a long time to adjust to the ways of the white wolf pack. The blizzard wolves’ eyes range from blue, green, gray, or amber. You could say the Blizzard acts like St. Bernards in the alps. Soon as they see something in peril or danger, they go to their rescue without thinking about it. However, if the danger is too great, then they will think of something that will prevent further disaster. They make excellent healers and clergymen, along with other classes that fit the Blizzard wolves very well. While they are gentle in voice, have good hearts, they can still be just as deadly as any other wolf of their packs but will stand to listen to reason rather than attack head-on. Each Blizzard wolf follows a virtue, one virtue per wolf, some have more virtues than others. To live with such virtue is to also back it up. A Blizzard wolf who believes in Justice will often pursue any darkness, they loathe evil with a passion while a self-controlled one will resist the urge to let the other provoke them further when deep in their minds, all they want to do is bite down on the other’s throat without thinking about it. Other virtuous wolves within the Blizzard each follow their path to increase their virtue to other Animus than just their own kind so they can be called on to do more good in the world. The Blizzard’s rivals are the Onyx Pack whose opposite to everything they do, except, they deal in the suffering of others to bringing despair and so much more depending on the wolf from that pack. Light vs Dark.


Onyx Pack(Western Pack) – The total opposite to the Blizzard wolves except, their nature is all illegal matters and there is a reason they are feared most among other packs to even outsiders who aren’t wolves, except for a few who would so swiftly put these guys in a wringer. Onyx wolves follow a specific or more vice but begin with just one from puppy years until they get old enough then shall a secondary vice be adopted. They are the things to fear, the sight of them instills fear to which they love, that is where they draw energy from, but then again, different Onyx wolves seem to be able to draw something out of their target depending on what their vice is. One who is all about doubt will hope to find his or her target who will doubt themselves to doubting others making the target make them stronger for every time they think of the negative point rather than a positive one, the only way of stopping this is a Blizzard wolf who can counter such issues to make certain, they will think of positivity. Blizzard has a counter to their vice because each vice is a reflection of the Blizzard wolves. Onyx wolves are pure black-furred wolves that are larger in size but are skilled in the ways of doing what comes naturally. Suffering, distress, fear, illegal activities, and more. They may often pair up with the Rayani or Hyenas to other Animus who has a dark nature rather than a good one. Not all of them might as some prefer doing their own thing.

Mountain Wolves (Northeastern Pack) – These wolves are humongous. Their giant sizes make a majority of even the bluntest attacks nothing at all, that is because their bodies are made of sheer muscle that can resist almost any attack even if that attack is a critical one. Their ability makes critical moves little to nothing at all except, fire or magical abilities are in the way then they are in trouble. Mountain Lycaos loathes magic of any kind, that’s cause they are extremely vulnerable to it along with fire-based attacks, other than that, they can really fight in a one on one combat as homid and beast alike, they train very early starting at 7 months, especially the females. When in homid, the males resemble muscular body-builders or monks. They are taught to be tough, strong, as well as strict. During mating season, they make certain that the strongest mate is also someone that can handle one another, and even then, within the family, the children live under a strict code of conduct. They have brown fur, large paws that can crush stone underneath it when in wolf modes, but then again, their karate chops can prove just effective in homid mode. In other words, the forms do not matter, they are still powerful under all circumstances because they learn preparation is key based on harsh training at childhood stages that builds a lot of attributes over time. Mind over matter, brute strength, endurance, and others is what gets them through even the most difficult tasks. A lot of the other packs either loathe, dislike, or respect them to the point of realizing they were raised in the ways of showing whose boss, they love a good fight even to training in many spars. The arenas built is usually something that the strongest warriors have constructed so that animus from all Islands who got the guts and skills can put their fighting prowess to the test. Many spectators watch the best matches every year, the Mountain Packs make amazing warriors, barbarians, along with warrior-based professions. These Lycaos make a ton of money, the amount is based on how good the match truly is that year.

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