RolePages is a dream, a dream of dreamers and of stories. It is a place of magic and wonders, and it is meant to be free to everyone to enjoy, forever. However it does cost quite a lot to keep this place running, so if you’d like to help we would really appreciate it. Any funds donated through this page go directly into a RolePages specific account, which is only used for paying monthly server bills and financing website upgrades.

Thank you to all of our donors!!!

Characters: Micah and Delilah Watson AKA the Micah and Delilah Show

Characters: Nacht
Name: Avalon

Characters: Lime the Undying

Characters: Scion Anthem Kishimoto

Name: Ty G.

Name: Jared S.

Name: Sarah H.
Characters: Kida le Morte

Name: Matthew W.
Characters: Fwufikins, the Broken Maid™

Name: Eric C.

Name: Jenniffer T.

Name: Tabatha G.
Characters: Vixen

Characters: Briareos Hecatonchires

Name: Lura C.
Characters: Scarlett Slayter, John Hancock

Name: Elaine J.

Name: Breeanna D.
Characters: Abbey, Alice

Name: Anca B.
Characters: Karen Darkshade

Name: Ronnie J.
Characters: Augustus Giovanni, Brihl, Dimitri Sagesson, Kel-ah

Name: Jeff O.

Name: Michael J. N.

Name: Robert J.

Name: KeShawon B.

Name: Steven G.

Name: Chelsey C.

Name: Travis C
Characters: Alexander Equinox

Name: Yuleidy R.

Name: Calvin D.

Name: Holly W.
Characters: Delilah, Akuma

Name: Jessica B.
Characters: Gazelle Kiley, Lamora Giovanni

Name: Krystal J.

Name: Angel R
Characters: Aiden Stryder, Havoc Stryder, Wyrm, Storyteller DM

Name: Mihail C.

Name: Natural Stone Company
Characters: Ragnar the Barbarian

Name: Leonard C.
Characters: Elexin

Name: Brittney B.

Name: Sandra L.
Characters: Shady

Name: Marcia P.
Characters: Echo, Daloki


If for any reason you would like your name or characters changed or deleted from this list please let us know. Thank you so much to all of our donors. Your generosity is invaluable to the sustenance and growth of this storytelling community.

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