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Battle Of Earth-VH1

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Date(s) - 11/06/2020
2:30 pm-5:00 pm

As the final battle apporaches on November 6th 211X, The Soulhelm Pact is launching a last ditch effort to end the war with the effort with the aid of the Emergency Weapons and many new allies to put an end to the Emporium War:II

However the enemy has something up their selves and wouldn’t give up

  1. If the times on the event are when we are doing it I will be unavailable as I have a disability worker at my home during those times. )

  2. Author
    Willow Moore 3 weeks ago

    I changed them so people in school could actually join in, we’ll just say you were there

  3. Where is the event happening?

  4. Thanks for changing the time, I’ve got school irl and it would have been impossible to join. I still may not be able to attend with the rest of the pact, but I will mack an effort.

  5. Elizabeth Moore 3 weeks ago

    Your efforts in the battle we’re appreciated

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