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Camping trip!

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Date(s) - 10/16/2019
All Day

The world has been covered by zombies! But will that stop us from having a good time? No! We will have a camping trip with fun and games and food for all! Come one, come all! This will be a night to remember p…

  1. Surely i will go, as my flamethrower will come in handy! Also i need a bunk mate im scared of the dark.

  2. Koro + Mira Senai 10 months ago

    i dont know if i wil be there but i will surley try. hope to see yall there. and i kinda want a bunk mate, preferably female

  3. Bella the hell hound 10 months ago

    An interesting idea such a leisurely activity camping is in such a dark and foreboding time in our history, surely this should be an interesting experience I wonder though as to what types of people and creatures we shall meet That’s How brave enough to do so in the middle of the Apocalypse should make for quite the entertainment

  4. Joseph R. "Joey" Adams 10 months ago

    I’ll go on this camping trip. I do not need a bunk mate, however, since I have no fear of the dark.

  5. Koro + Mira Senai 10 months ago

    where do we meet?

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