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Heroes Out of Time: P.10 Ruler

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Date(s) - 09/22/2018-09/28/2018
All Day

The final and most dangerous Class Card is upon is, the legendary Ruler. By definition, this Card’s summon should have the potential to stop any other combinations of of summons. But, fueled by the thousands of years of magic stored deep within the city of Ar’Elis; the worst possible thing that could happen did.

This arcane device is producing a reality marble more powerful than anything Hellifyno could counter. Imprinting the legend of the spirit upon the entire planet at the same time. The only way to reverse the tyrannical rule of this dictator is to destroy the spirit, and retrieve the card.

Until that time, robot frames known as Knightmares, along with other military and police hardware roll down the streets of every city, every town on the planet; save those who are able to resist. But while they might resist the change of the marble, the legend itself was real within it and war will be waged until the Ruler can unify the entirety of the planet under his rule.

Taken over lands will be inhabited by Military Police, and people will be allowed to surrender themself to them and join the ranks; to police their fellow townspeople in honor of the Motherland.


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