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Ladies Night Out!

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Date(s) - 11/21/2019
8:30 pm-11:30 pm

Ladies, this is our night. So put your high heels and strap that lipstick on, because we are having Ladies Night. Get ready for a night of mindless (and drunk as a fucking kite) fun. Get your tickets from either Harry or Jerry, free of charge and get ready.

We will be having some guest stats, but no matter what you’re into, it shall be provided.

And ohh … over 18 only …for … legal purposes … *shifty eyes*

  1. Evenore Sygilspeaker 11 months ago

    ther image makes me think of never have i ever

  2. Hudson Noemmi 11 months ago

    It might be dangerous to put all of us lovely ladies in one place and at one time. I foresee supernatural storms ahead as the world cannot handle it.

  3. Azura 11 months ago

    Sounds fun and slightly dangerous, 😀

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