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Marathon Meeting – OOC

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Date(s) - 05/29/2019
7:00 pm-9:00 pm

The RolePages 10th Anniversary Marathon is coming up!!!!!! That means that we’ll be telling an epic story that will stretch out for a continuous 100 hours of writing!

Plans are starting to form, stories are starting to develop, and an arc is coming together, but now… we need you!

This event isn’t something that just one or even a few people will be able to pull off. We’ll need as many people as possible to contribute to the epic grandeur that we have planned. That means we need people to DM, to play special character roles, to act as DJ’s and chroniclers. This is an all hands on deck affair because 100 hours of writing is a huuuggeee amount of time.

So come, help us develop a story that is worthy of celebrating a home we have all loved that has existed for ten years now! Help us to honor RolePages, and the stories we have all told here.

This meeting will be an informal and OOC event where we present different roles and opportunities to people and start recording times when they might be available. I’ll list the main roles we are looking for below, but if you have an idea for making this event awesome please feel free to come to the meeting with it.

Warning: There may be minor spoilers at this meeting, but major plot points and outcomes will not be revealed. If you do not want to be spoiled, you can pm Dragon Teers or Narrator directly to discuss a potential role. If you are not available to come to the meeting directly you can also send either of those screen names a private message for more info to get involved.

The roles we are looking for.

DM: This is a person that takes over the story for a short period of time, describing any lands, NPC’s, enemies, traps, and hazards that might take place. DM’ing for the first time during a marathon is a great way to get started since it is usually easier than doing a whole event yourself. You can volunteer to DM with an experienced DM or on your own, and your portion can last as long or little as you like. We will probably give you a loose story you’ll have to follow, but you’ll still have a lot of autonomy if you want, and the ability to suggest changes and work with us to make that section of the marathon your own.

Player Character: At several points throughout the marathon we will need people to play specific roles. These will be plot characters that are required to move the story forward in a reasonable way. You can take up one of these roles ust for the marathon, though some may have a chance to continue playing them afterwards if you like. This is usually a pretty easy job, akin to acting with only a very loose script. Some roles can be quite short, and others can last for hours or even days. We’ll work with your preferences and schedule to figure out what is best for you.

Chroniclers: These will be people tasked with keeping records of the adventure. This can be in blog form, but can also be just C&P’ing the text of the chat into a blog, or even using social media to post regular updates. Having people in the OOC room that can help out, or who can PM players that come in late would also be incredibly helpful.

DJ: These are people who will gauge the tone of the different scenes that are happening, and play music clips from YouTube to match the setting and feel. Abel Cross will be the chief DJ, but we welcome as many as would like to apply.

Video RolePlayers: It would be amazing to have some people create short videos of themselves as various characters, which can be played at key points throughout the plot. These would probably be best done ahead of time, but if you want to do a broadcast to the players that you record live that could also be really cool. This is also a bit experimental so we’ll have to work out the logistics ahead of time.

As said earlier, we are very open to ideas so if you have a role that you think would enhance the marathon please feel free to suggest it.

RolePages is a special place, where our words have made magic and built a world over the past 10 years. It deserves a special anniversary, and we’re going to give it one. Join me, join us, as we work together to tell yet another epic story that will change the fate of Hellifyno and RolePages forever.

Note: A special chat room called “Marathon Meeting OOC & Spoilers” will be opened on the main list where we can conduct the public discussion. A shared notepad may also be created to help illustrate a few of the story beats.

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  1. Can’t wait to join this! I got 2/3 things needed!

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