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Quest: Enter the Enternal Labyrinth

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Date(s) - 05/23/2020
12:00 pm-8:00 pm

Hello all and welcome to the first quest: Enter the Eternal Labyrinth

My name is Morgan Rue and you’re here today because you saw my request for able bodies. Fitted with a heart of steel and thirst for adventure. I tell you this will be no easy task, but I know you’re capable! You may walk away anytime before we set sail. No questions will be asked and no one will be judged for doing so. I trust you all will pack your own weapons and equipment. I will only be providing food rations and our transportation to Labyrinth. I will be awaiting you all in The Bloody Chicken, a favorite watering hole of mine. It will act as a gathering hub of sorts. To meet the others who will be joining us. All I ask is you’re here and ready to leave before 05/23/2020. We will be setting sail at that time, and no further members will be taken. With that being said, I hope you all come and see me at the pub! Have a drink or two and introduce yourselves!  Thank you for joining me on this adventure! See you soon!

(A little OOC Note, this is my first event and it is for those who want to join! It will be a rather casual experience and will not be taking place in one of the main chats here on the site, but a private Chatzy I have made! I understand this event will not be completed in a day, and with that being said I hope this is something we can come back to as a group! The chat will be open for people to join till 05/23/2020. After that our adventure will start! I’m super excited! If anyone is interested in helping me host! Please message me! 😀 If not, I will do my best on my own! Thanks, guys! I’m excited!)

Link to the Chatroom:

(For those that don’t wish to click the word “The Bloody Chicken”)


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