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The Arguement

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Date(s) - 04/20/2020
7:00 pm-9:00 pm

~some say the world will end in fire… a great flaming disaster, Some say with a freezing crackle the world will end in ice… two factions… one family torn in two who will win, Fire… Or Ice who will reign on…


~which side will you choose?


~your actions WILL have consequences


~(Fire: Ashlyn & Zayn)


~(Ice: Rose & Cane)

  1. I’m on the fire faction, I am definitely on the fire faction

  2. Abraham tankian 2 months ago

    Fire will cleanse this world of all ice with my help

  3. Isaac Trueheart 2 months ago

    I will gladly stand by the fires of good to melt the coldness of evil.

  4. Yulia Fowl 2 months ago

    Fire for the win

  5. Coy Wildflame 2 months ago

    Reminder! we do need some people on roses side, its supposed to be /equal/ ish match we need some on ice and some on fire. please dont all stack up on fire

  6. I have a feeling that asshole writer (aka me) will throw some assholes on ice side

  7. We will melt the Ice from this world

  8. I’m not gonna play as Janot
    Remember how Warancanos was a fire god!

  9. I chose Fire. I am here for you Ash and Zayn!

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