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The Crimson Wielder Returns;Salicylate Cries Help.

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Date(s) - 01/21/2019
1:30 am-3:30 am

She smirked, Spreading out her arms. Crimson stormed around her, Circling her torso and arms. Spiraling along her legs. “Ah, Welcome The Crimson Ruler, Little Village..“ And with that, She stepped off the cliff. Falling down to what lay below her.

Help. We need Help. She’s taking out children, Our families. She’s destroying us. Tearing our people’s sanity apart like paper.

She won’t leave. She looks at them. Just a look.. And.. Their eyes. Their eyes are just like her’s except.. Blank, Clueless? Emotionless.. Numb.

Our Village needs help. There will be a prize! Just please hero’s.. Save us. Save us from this evil, That she has blanketed on our peaceful town.


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