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The End of Ning

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Date(s) - 11/01/2019-11/30/2019
All Day

RolePages started out on a platform known as Ning. It had certain limitations, and so we moved away from that platform to a server and software that is much more dynamic. But while much of our content moved with us, not all of it did. So for the last two years we’ve kept Ning open, so that nothing of the stories of our past would be lost.

Unfortunately, keeping Ning open is prohibitively expensive to the owners of the site. And so it has to stop at some point. For that reason we are asking for your help. During the month of November, please, help us move as much of our heritage, our stories, and our magic, that hasn’t been transferred yet, from Ning to the new RolePages. Help us to preserve our history.

Admins and friends will be working hard on this project. But anyone is welcome to lend a hand. Some ways you can help.

– Post a blog you don’t see on rolepages.
– post a forum post from the old site. None of those were transferred.
– If you had a friend who isn’t here anymore, save their profile info, and even a screen shot of what their profile looked like.
– If there was a video you made, or some pictures you posted, save them, and post them as blogs on the new site.
– If there is lore, story, or magic, saved in profile messages, please preserve that, in whatever way you think is appropriate.
– If you have anything on the old site that you’d like preserved, please bring it to the new.

I’ll be doing everything I can. I love this site. But I won’t get everything. Many of us have been here for years. Many of us have many memories. And all of our stories are special.

So I entreat you and plead with you and even beg you all, to help me preserve our past. So that we can move on, into the future.

Thank you. And Love.

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  1. Neko Kiseki 9 months ago

    That’s a shame. Perhaps you could sell it to someone, or have someone else take it over? It’d be so sad to see another ning 2.0 network up and vanish; since you can’t make them anymore.

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