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The Fall Equinox

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Date(s) - 09/26/2020
12:00 am

The Fall Equinox is upon us, albeit, the event is a bit late, but, nonetheless, this is a time for celebration. As the skies reach an equilibrium, so does Hellifyno. All are invited to celebrate this momentous occasion that occurs only once a year with the world’s current Scion, Nelinel Sieghart. Take a break from the worrying occurrences on Hellifyno and take the day off to appreciate the more simpler and calmer times that the planet is capable of experiencing. This event shall take place on one of Persistence’s Beaches. Do not fret on the exact location. If you wish to attend, there shall be plenty of ways to reach the destination.

Come and celebrate this time of respite and let’s experience a glorious time.


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